Friday, 26 March 2010

What's in your wardrobe? Photo heavy!

I saw this here and thought i'd tag myself as its always nice to nose into other peoples clothes. I've not done it in the exact same way but the idea is the same. I've been gradually sorting through my wardrobe anyway so it fitted in with what i've been upto.

Here are my wardrobes, they run along one wall from floor to ceiling.

Inside at the top i keep shoes, bags, back issues of magazines and other random bits.

Heres one side with my clothes in that i mostly wear, the other side includes bridesmaid and formal dresses that i have and coats. The pink storage boxes on the left have scarves, sunnies, headbands, belts etc. The boxes on top of those are full of jewellery. Then theres all the shoe boxes which cover the floor both sides of the wardrobe.
I have two of these full of tights/socks/undies etc
And two of these full of tees, jeans, leggings, vest etc. I also have a load of clothes in the garage, which i really need to sort!

I didn't count everything as it would take forever but heres what i did count...
  • 18 skirts
  • 29 handbags
  • 5 coats and jackets
  • 2 pairs of jeans
  • 0 pairs of trousers!
  • 56 dresses, not including formal dresses, bridesmaid dresses etc
  • 83 pairs of shoes and boots.

What did i learn?

Now i know i wear dresses most days but i didn't realise how many i had hanging in my wardrobe right now, and it doesn't even include the ones in my washing pile or being stored in the garage. I'm going to make more of an effort to wear them all. The same with shoes, i did have around 100 pairs but have managed to reduce the numbers by choosing some for ebay and for charity.

My skirts are a mix of smart ones for work etc and ones for play, i still really need the perfect navy skirt though. I'm not really into handbags so was quite surprised that i had so many, i had more but again i have put a load in for charity as they are just not my style anymore.

Jeans aren't an important part of life, the same with trousers so i'm not overly bothered about the lack of them. I would like a couple more jackets, i'd like a blazer but they just don't suit me! Next winter i want to invest in a really lovely winter coat.

I chose a few of my favourite items that make me smile to share with you.

Teapot print dress, love the print on this its so quirky

Vintage velvet dress with full skirt, i've not worn this yet, but i just love it
Floral dress which has to be my best ever Primark buy, i've worn it so many times
Polka dot dress with bow strap, i just can't wait to break this out in the summer, it fits gorgeously
Glitter Mary Janes, these are the ultimate party shoe!
Vintage metallic bag, so cute and only cost me £1

Black skater dress, this is such a great basic
Embellishes leopard pumps, always make me feel good
Leather waterfall jacket, i couldn't not include this, i just love it so much

I hope this wasn't too boring for you? If anyone does a similar post, please let me know so i can have a look :)

Tonight i'm catching up on blogs, and hopefully looking at the new ones suggested a couple of posts down. Have a good weekend y'all xxx


  1. Fabulous - I will do it once I've had a tidy and a clear out lol x

  2. What a brilliant idea for a post, Em! Bored? Never! I love your purchases, you've got a great eye for the pretty and girly.
    I'm not surprised you've got so many dresses, they all fit you like a dream.
    Have a fab weekend!

  3. Oh man your glitter shoes <3

    what a wonderful post x

  4. This is a brilliant post! Your wardrobe is so lovely and organised - I'm jealous that you have so much space! and I LOVE those glittery shoes! xx

  5. This wasn't boring at all! I looooove snooping in other people's closets! Mine is quite disheveled at the moment and I need more space! I love that you wear dresses so much. I personally rotate between dresses and jeans. The thing about fashion is that there's always more to want. I am going to take a break for awhile and enjoy the things I own, but I can't wait for my next shopping trip in the future. I love your glitter shoes btw! Those are heavenly! Great post Em!

  6. Wow! I love everything here but I love the shoes the most!

  7. Ooooh you are so organized! I love having a nosey at people's wardrobes. Can't believe you have 56 dresses!! I probably have like 15 max haha. You've reminded me that I really need to re-organize my wardrobe and get rid of stuff I don't wear and has no sentimental value.

    Btw, LOVE the waterfall leather jacket. Looks amazing on you.

  8. WOW 89 pairs of! I'd like to be one of your friends with the same shoe size.

  9. Great idea for a post :) Wish I could do something similar, but I'd be far too embarrassed! I have such a ridiculous amount of stuff, & it's all SO disorganised! Really wish I could get round to sorting it all out...

    By the way, I LOVE your teapot dress!

  10. That's an amazing collection of clothes and shoes! Mine are all squished in my tiny uni wardrobe! Ha!


  11. What a fab post :) I love a nosy in other people's wardrobes. And wow, you have a lot of stuff! The teapot print dress is amazingly cute.

  12. YEYYYYY! Those glittery shoes are fab! And 89 pairs? wowwww. Great collection!! Spread the love :) And you're super organised too, I totally approve!

  13. I really love that polka dot dress on you! x

  14. Great post, I might do something similar some time but I might not do any counting!

  15. I just thought I would say... your polka dot George dress? I saw you post that aggges ago back on, and I HAD TO HAVE IT. They had sold out and about 3 months ago I found it on Ebay. I love it :D you look better in it though because you have bigger boobs than me!!

  16. My favourite is your leather waterfall jacket, gorgeous!
    I'm the same with trousers, and i have 1 pair of jeans! eek. xx


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