Monday, 31 August 2009

My weekend in pictures

Its been a busy weekend but i needed to make the bank holiday worthwhile as its the last one we get for a while. I thought i'd just post some random pictures of what i've been upto.
Trying on clothes in H&M- Sat daytime
Having dinner cooked for me by my lovely friend-Sat night

Pampering with a face mask- Sunday daytime
Amazing my friends with the amount of make up i own-Sunday evening-My box isn't usually so messy!
Going out esentials-Sunday night. Red Glitter shoes from Red or Dead

Pre-drinking shots- Sunday night

My outfit for Sunday night. Red corset-Primark, Black skirt-H&M, i also wore black opaques as it rained and the red shoes above.

Drunk cuddles-Sunday night- Yes my breasts are comfy!
Monday in the garden with the dogs. Last night i was so very very drunk, i ended up misbehaving in a good/bad way with my friends sexy housemate. We'll see what happens there, it wasn't totally unexpected as there has been serious flirting going on for the last couple of weeks.

What has everyone been upto? x

Sunday, 30 August 2009


I really shouldn't have been spending money on new clothes this weekend but the giant magnet at Meadowhall pulled me in. I got some good bargains though!!
Cobalt blue dress, on the hanger this doesn't look great but in real life its darker and its so flattering but i need to get a really nice strapless bra. It has belt loops on which i'm taking off then i can add my own belt or wear without one. When i went to the till the girl was like its buy one get one free, go choose something else... i ran back to the rails and randomly grabbed this. I didn't try it on or anything but thought i could ebay it if it was horrible, but its actually gorgeous on. It reminds me a bit of the new Kate Moss for Topshop dress with the mesh.
In Primark i got this jersey denim look skirt with exposed zip reduced to £2!
I also got these bodysuits for wearing underneath things as an extra layer and i think they'll look cute poking out from low cut dresses. I love a bit of neon and they were only £1 each
On we went to my shop of the moment H&M, i've always loved it in there but at the moment they just have so many fab things. I got this skirt in red, i already have it in black and its so easy to wear.
Then finally my favourite buy of the day..... Hello Kitty jumper, how cute is this!! I wish it was a couple of inches longer and then i could wear it as a dress, sadly its not so i'll stick to wearing it over skirts and jeans.

I spent about £50 in total, so not too bad! I've also started buying little bits for my next giveaway so watch this space over the next few weeks!


Saturday, 29 August 2009

Wooooohoooo blog award for me!!

The fantabulous ladies Lisa and Sadie both nominated me for a blog award!! Yay!! Check out their blogs they are both gorgeous and fab.
I'm really overtired right now so i'm going to post my nominations a bit later on.
Hope everyones having a good weekend so far x

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Smile like you mean it

Thought i'd do an outfit post. I like this outfit even though its not the most exciting outfit i've ever worn. Smile everyone, its nearly the weekend.

Grey vest-H&M, tucked into Grey Origami Skirt- Topshop, Navy tights, Navy longline Cardi-Primark, Russian doll necklace- Accessorise
Grey patant bow bag-Primark

I also wore navy blue round toe Mary Janes from Topshop but i forgot to take a picture of them!!

So does anyone have exciting weekend plans? Tonight i'm going to my friends house to watch a dvd, then i'm working on Friday and chilling Friday night. I think i'm going to Ikea on Sat then back to a friends for dinner with the girls and lots of gossip as we haven't all been together in ages. Then Sunday night i'm off out with the girls and potential new boy will be there too. Monday will be sleep time!!

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

If the boot(doesn't) fit..

My thigh boots finally came but as you have probably gathered from the title of the post they don't fit my legs.
Now admittedly my legs are not long and lean, so i got my mum to try them too as she has very slim legs and usually finds boots too baggy on her, she couldn't get them up her legs either. So i conclude these are maybe made for about 1% of the population!!
They are gorgeous though so i've posted some pictures as i know a few of you wanted to see them. I can see myself wearing them, with really thick tights and dresses so i'm on the lookout for some others now!!

So anyone with very very slim legs that is looking for over knee boots, these are available at La Redoute for £215.


Tuesday, 25 August 2009

In and Out

I've never done one of these before, but theres a first time for everything.

Autumn Winter collections hitting the shops
Double Decker chocolate bars
My russian doll necklace
Flirting with people you shouldn't
Thinking ahead to my planned weekends away- getting ever closer
Fantastic friends
Fuddle at work tomorrow- Like an indoor picnic
Nail polish

The rubbish weather, its raininggggggggggg
My boring job and the lack of jobs out there at the moment
Being broke
Rude people
Ever growing boobs, why do they keep gettin

Whats in and out for you? x

Monday, 24 August 2009


I've been really slow doing this tag. I'm really sorry to both A Fashionable Affair and Sparkles and Lipgloss that i've been soooo behind. Anyway thank you to both of you for passing on the Obsessions tag!!
The rules with this award are:
1) List 5 current obsessions
2) Mention the person who tagged you and post their blog link
3) Post links on to 5 winners and let them know!
My 5 Obsessions are:
1- Hair accessories- I seem to be gathering these at a scary rate, they're cute, cheap and funk up an outfit. As my hair is nearly to my waist when i straighten it properly i like to be able to accessorise it. I can;t wait for it to get colder so i can get my hats out.
2-Beef Monster Munch-I am seriously addicted to these but hardly anywhere near me sells them, i'm a bit weird with food and i tend to go through phases where i eat loads of one thing, at the min its these babies.
3- Blogging- When i started my blog i never realised how warm and fluffy everyone is and how addictive the world of blogging can be. I love it and it stops me boring my friends about things.
4-Reading- I know alot of people say this, but that makes me happy because i adore reading, i always have done and we have so many books dotted around our house. I love escaping into another world.
5-Shoes- this has followed me throughout my life, i've always loved pretty shoes and i don't think the obsession is going to end anytime soon!!

I'm going to cheat a little and not pass this on to anyone as i think most people have done it. If you want to do it then just tag yourself from me! Simples!! x

ETA- I've also been tagged in this by LionLovingTiger. Thank you!!

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Ты такая прелестная- You are so cute

I thought i'd have a little Russian in my title today.
Here is the newest addition to my necklace collection. I saw her hanging in Accessorize and knew i had to have her as she is so lovely.
She is quite big(about 4 or 5 inches) and articulated and just soooo lovely!
I've tried to catch up on all my comments today, i hope i haven't missed people out x

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Don't stop til you get enough

Hello gorgeous girlies. Hope everyones having a fab weekend so far.
My weekend kind of started on Thursday night when i was meant to be going out for food but we made an exective decision to go out drinking instead, then back to my friends house for takeaway and ermm more drinking.
An hour later her(sexy) male housemates comes home with about 8 of his (sexy) friends cue us staying up til gone 4am with them drinking, flirting and generally messing around. Finally we got to bed only for me and my friend had to get up at 7.30am for a full day at work. I really don't reccomend this to anyone, i made it through the day just about!! It was worth it though, we had a brilliant time, but i had to wear my going out dress to work(luckily i had clean knickers and a toothbrush!) and put up with people saying i looked rough all day!!
I wore, black sequin striped tunic/dress-H&M

Black platforms- Primark

Chain strap bag-Vintage 80's

My make up and nails

So i came home last night, went straight to bed and slept until this morning. I've been shopping today but i only got a cardigan and some tights, i did get a fab russian doll necklace so i'll post a picture tomorrow.
Tonight i'm off to a mates house for wine and DVD's, nothing too stressful!!
Tomorrow i'm going to catch up on the last few days in blogland and leave you all lots of lovely comments.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

If loving you is wrong i don't wanna be right

All change today. At work we've moved offices which as left me sat with the very quietest person ever, i can be quiet but at work i need someone to chat too or i'll go mad!
Today i wore this
Black basic tee-Zara, tucked into, Black and white gingham skirt with cherry- Asda, Black opaqes, Red cardi with satin puff sleeves- Jasmine Guiness
It looks like me and the boy are over, i'm feeling pretty poo about it all although i'v already been asked out on a date with someone else. I'm going out for food and drinks with the girls tomorrow night so that should cheer me up some.
Random picture from the weekend


Tuesday, 18 August 2009

I wore my striped oversized cropped top for the first time today, I've been putting off wearing it as i wasn't sure how it would look and i'm still not sure if i love it. Oversized tops don't suit me too well and so i usually go for more fitted clothes. Anyway i'm glad i wore it!
Oversized striped crop top with hook and eye front-Topshop, worn over basic black vest-H&M, silver bow necklace-H&M
Black jersey skirt-H&M, black opaques
I also wore silver flat pumps and a grey bag. x

Monday, 17 August 2009


I feel a bit flower powery in this dress but i love it anyway.
Dress-Asda, Gold disc belt- Principles, Jeggings-Matalan
Sandals- Shalimar Shoes

Sunday, 16 August 2009


Sooo i got paid this week and paid a trip to Meadowhall over the weekend and managed to pick up a few bits.
Firstly i went to Superdrug to look at Barry M but got distracted by the MEMEME stand, i've never really looked at the range before but these Jewel Pots caught my eye. The pot is made up of 2 parts like the Bobbi Brown concealer kit, the first part is a cream shadow then the second it glitter that you put on top. They are very very pretty, and i got the green and lilac. My swatch pictures are rubbish, if you like glittery eye then check them about, they're around £5 each.
H&M was my best shop of the day, i tried so much on and loved it all, but i had to limit myself.
I got this plain black jersey skirt for a bargainous £5.99 this is exactly what i've been wanting but i want a navy version, i hunted in the shop but they only had black or grey.

I also got this black sequinned skirt, its so so gorgeous and amazing, it was in the window with a black tee and grey waist belt and looked fab so i'm hoping to recreate the look.Black tunic with stripes of black sequins, this is dress length on me, am going to wear it to an engagement party in a couple of weeks time. Then we moved on to Primark, the Meadowhall Primark is so huge that it overwhelms me a bit and i never know where to start, i gave the clothes a miss and looked at the accessories.
I got this grey obi style belt hopefully to wear with the sequinned skirt above. Then i saw these babies..... they are soo similar to the ones i wanted in Topshop but these were £17 instead of £70 so i knew i had to hae them. I couldn't decide between the pink and the black, so i got both. I went into Wallis so my mum could have a look and they stock Mikey jewellery in there, being the magpie i am, i was drawn to this huge ring which is the sparkliest ring i have ever seen. They had the clear version which is what i got but i also really want the pink version, i couldn't justify both as they were £25 and i don't wear rings that often.
I also got a book and some over the knee opaques.