Saturday, 22 August 2009

Don't stop til you get enough

Hello gorgeous girlies. Hope everyones having a fab weekend so far.
My weekend kind of started on Thursday night when i was meant to be going out for food but we made an exective decision to go out drinking instead, then back to my friends house for takeaway and ermm more drinking.
An hour later her(sexy) male housemates comes home with about 8 of his (sexy) friends cue us staying up til gone 4am with them drinking, flirting and generally messing around. Finally we got to bed only for me and my friend had to get up at 7.30am for a full day at work. I really don't reccomend this to anyone, i made it through the day just about!! It was worth it though, we had a brilliant time, but i had to wear my going out dress to work(luckily i had clean knickers and a toothbrush!) and put up with people saying i looked rough all day!!
I wore, black sequin striped tunic/dress-H&M

Black platforms- Primark

Chain strap bag-Vintage 80's

My make up and nails

So i came home last night, went straight to bed and slept until this morning. I've been shopping today but i only got a cardigan and some tights, i did get a fab russian doll necklace so i'll post a picture tomorrow.
Tonight i'm off to a mates house for wine and DVD's, nothing too stressful!!
Tomorrow i'm going to catch up on the last few days in blogland and leave you all lots of lovely comments.


  1. that dress is gorgeous, your make up is pretty too :D

    Working with a hangover is the worst thing ever ha


  2. Working with a hangover is horrible, but looking back to my gap year when I did it a fair bit, they were the best experiences - makes me giggle whenever I think about it.
    You look absolutely stunning. That nail varnish is a lush colour.

    I tried those shoes on today! I loved them and I'm surprised by how comfy they were. I'm praying they're still there when I get back from holiday, when I have some money!

  3. Love the dress, love the shoes, love the makeup! You look gorgeous hun :) Sounds like you had a good night, not such a good day after though lol x

  4. Lovely makeup and I love the nails. xx

  5. Love the outfit!!! Sounds as if you had a good night ;) x

  6. I have done this SO many times!! It's terrible...and every time you say you won't do it again...but you will!!! The sexy housemates sounds great, erm don't forget that I don't live far from you, I am available to come and flirt with these as well!! Haha. Love that dress hon xxx

  7. You look totally stunning!!!
    Love the nail colour


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