Saturday, 31 October 2009

2 tags!!

I've been tagged twice this week!
Firstly the fabulous Carla at Girl with the Golden Touch tagged me in the 7 things tag, she chose the colour red for me so here goes.

First up are shoesies!
I love this pair from Primark, i haven't worn them too much but i'm planning on getting alot more use from them over this winter.

Then we have these babies, you probably have all seen these before, these are from Red or Dead and are the perfect party shoe.

Next up is Nina by Nina Ricci perfume which comes in the gorgeous red bottle below. The scent of this is so lovely, i've run out but its on my to buy list!

My red hair bow is next up, i just love this, nothing more to say!

Strawberry Ribena, i cannot get enough of this, i was so happy when they started selling it as dilute.

My red corset, this is a tried and tested top, i know if i can't think of anything to wear on a night out i can chuck this on with a skirt or trousers and feel good. It keeps everything where it should be!

Red hair! I've been colouring my hair on and off for years now i love how it looks in the sun and its perfect for Autumn. This is one of the pics i have where you can see the red.

Then Carly of Cheated Hearts also tagged me with the most worn tag so here goes!

This is Mac Glaze Lipstick in Hue, a fab nude for me.

I don't actually wear earrings too often but i tend to wear these babies mostly, they were just cheap ones from H&M kids range!

Recently the top i've been living in is my Hello Kitty Jumper from H&M.

Nail Polish
I'm loving For Audrey from China Glaze

Hair Product
I love the Dream Hair range, i'm currently using the shampoo and conditioner.

Chanel No.5, I adore this, i know alot of people don't like the scent but fot me its timeless.


Not the most exciting shoes ever but i am living in these at the moment. Handbag

This changes all the time, this week its mostly been this striped bow bag from New Look.
I actually can't believe i've been home on a Sat night doing this, i had big plans for going out tonight and spent ages doing my costume only to be let down my 2 of my 'closest' friends. Enough of the moaning, at least its taught me something. Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween xx

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Wear it PINK!

Every year there is a Wear it Pink day held to promote breast cancer awareness and to raise money for this fantastic cause. You can find more info here

This year its being held on 30th October, yes thats tomorrow!
At my work we always do alot for this, all week we have been raising money and tomorrow we are all wearing pink and doing lots of things through the day to get much needed cash. Its always good fun aswell as promoting awareness which i think is so important. My auntie had breast cancer several years ago and had to have both breasts removed, it really makes it hit home how important it is to check yourself.

I've dug some pink out of my wardrobe and have lots of money on hand to donate! Will do an outfit post if i remember to take pics.

Is anyone else doing anything for this?

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

New TS things!

Well my topshop parcel came and i wore my new tunic and cardi to work today.
I'm sorry for the rubbish photos. The tunic is really comfy and nice, i think i'll dress it up with a belt next time though.
Close up of cardi detail.

Monday, 26 October 2009

A very strange Monday

What a weird Monday.
Work flew by and then i met the ex boy for a few drinks which was a mix of good and bad. After a few vodkas it seemed like a good plan to kiss him, not that he complained, god knows whats going to happen there!
I came home to my Topshop parcel, i love it all!!
I decided to go onto MSN and a bloke i was seeing ages ago was on there and he started saying how we should get together and has asked me on a date later this week. I did not see that coming at all!!! Weird times!
I did manage a couple of sneaky buys, these Primark bangles, love them.
Also this jumper from Internationale, its a shop so full of tat but with a few lovely bits and this is gorgeous and soft.


Tagged, better late then never

Firstly i want to say sorry to Lisa for taking so long to post this. She tagged me at the start of the month with the Me, Me, Me tag.

I have post 7 things about me so here goes....
1. I come from a big family, i have 2 older brothers and 1 older sisters who all now have their own families. My mums and dad have been together for over 40 years since my mum was 16 which i think is really lovely. I love coming from a big family and can't wait to have my own someday.

2. I love children, i'm qualified to work with little ones and even did a degree which was based on working with children aged 0-8. I used to work in a day nursery which i loved but the money is so bad, especially as its really hard work!

3. London is my favourite place in the world!

4. Chocolate pudding makes me happy.

5. I've moved around the country a bit in my life, starting in London, then in Berkshire,then Yorkshire before going to Northampton and now back in Yorkshire again. I have a very random accent

6.My best friend is Martin who lives miles away from me in Bournemouth. I met him in my last year at school in a club where my and my friend were pretending to be 18. We clicked right away, he is fab and always knows how to make me laugh. Very old photo below!

7. I'm always falling over. The most recent memorable time was in Blackpool when i ended up on my bum on the dancefloor after my friend attempting to lift me Dirty Dancing stylleeeee.

As i'm so late doing this i tag everyone who hasn't done it! x

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Ins and Outs and a couple of buys

Its been a very quiet weekend. I went into town yesterday got some more of my Christmas presents and also managed to buy a weekend bag and a couple of cheapo make up bits. Then last night i went to my friends house for take away, x factor and gossip. So far today I've been doing some crafty bits to my Halloween costume and I'm going to pamper myself a bit later.
Here's my weekend bag,its a nice size and it has a big zipped section underneath too. I picked up Mac Factors False Lash Effect Mascara in Black, they make the best mascaras. I also got Glam Crystals liquid eyeliner in Va Va Voom and also something called Glam Glitter eye shadow in Showbiz, its a double ended applicator one with a fixing gel and the other with loose black glitter dust, I'm gong to have a play with this later in the week.

Onto my Ins and Outs


Bright Lipsticks, I've never been into lipstick but Ive been wearing bright lippie nearly every day lately.

Crunchy leaves, so pretty and crunchy.

My Primark studded pumps, so so comfy.

My local Haberdashery shop, i got some fab sequins this weekend to decorate my Halloween stuff, its so old fashioned inside the shop and i love it.


Not being able to get to my nearest Bobbi Brown counter asap, i need some concealer and i can't order online as stupid me cannot remember my shade.

My hair, i'm hating it at the moment.

The twins on X factor, they are so rubbish.

I hope everyones having a good weekend. Whats in and out for you? x

Friday, 23 October 2009


All new clothes for work on Friday. Its so hard to get a decent photo of this top.

Nude one shoulder drapey top-Primark, tucked into Black studded skirt-ASOS, Black opaques
Grey cardi-La Redoute
Black bow brooch-ASOS
Black peeptoe shoots-Matalan

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Lush Reviews- Part 2

So here are my reviews of the other 3 products i got in the Freshers Pack. I have to say i'm so glad i got one of these as I've tried products i wouldn't usually bother with.

Ultimate Shine Shampoo Bar

Lush do a wide range of shampoo bars which can last up to 80 washes. The one i got is Ultimate Shine which contains Ylang Ylang,elemi, violet leaf and gold sparkles. As you can guess from the name its meant to make your hair super shiny and also to make you feel calm. It retails at £4.53.

I've never used a solid shampoo before so was really interested in how this would work, basically i got the bar wet and then lathered it up between my hands and used the lather to wash my hair. It was much easier then i thought it would be and my hair really was squeaky clean! I dried my hair and styled it and it really was super shiny and felt really soft. My mum kept sniffing my hair saying how nice it smelt although i couldn't smell it myself. Overall I'm really impressed and will be buying this again.

Sugar scrub

This is the first time I've seen a sugar scrub in Lush, they do a couple of different ones which are £2.50 each. In my pack i got the green one which contains ginger and fennel. These are used in the bath or shower to exfoliate you all over.
I used this in the bath just before i got out, it was easy to use, i used it all over and ended up using about a third of the bar. I liked that it didn't have an overpowering smell to it, however for me the scrub was too rough, i prefer my scrubs to be gentle. Afterwards my skin did feel gorgeously soft and smooth so it does its job! I doubt I'd buy this again as it was just too hard and rough for me.
Vanishing creamIn my pack I got a trial sized tin of Vanishing face cream. Its aimed at people with oily skin so is very low in oils.Instead it contains linseed gel, lavender and geranium which is meant to balance out your skin. It retails at £14.95 for a tub.I've only ever tested the face creams on my hand instore so its good to get the chance to try one out. I've based this review on a few days use, i used it each morning after cleansing in my normal way. Its quite a light cream which is easy to apply and it sinks in pretty fast. It was a pretty good base for my make up and i did get less shine then normal and i had lovely soft skin all day. The only thing with this product is that is does smell really strongly of lavender which is not my favourite smell but that's a personal thing rather then a problem with the product. I might try some other face creams from Lush to see if i can find one i prefer the smell of.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Outfit of the day and a few buys

Not the most exciting outfit ever! I love this black velvet dress, its vintage from ebay last winter and i wore it non stop so i feel quite smug now that velvet is officially 'in' !!
Black velvet dress-Vintage, Gold belt-Primark, Black opaques
Loads of bangles from all over the place!
I went to Meadowhall at the weekend as it was my mums birthday and i wanted her to choose something for me to buy her.
We ended up spending ages in MAC where i got her some blusher and eyeshadows. She never treats herself make up wise so its nice to get her things she wouldn't usually buy herself. I also picked up 2 lipsticks for me in Plink! and Pink Noveau. Also in the last week i got the greasepaint stick from Style Black and Black Russian eyeliner too. Oh and i got Blue Flame eyeshadow from Style Black.
Greasepaint on the left and Black Russian on the right.
In H&M i got this bargainous dress, its £7.99 i love the colour and the zip and the rouching effect. I also got black leggings in there too but they're too boring to take photos of!
In Primark i got this nude one shouldered top to wear loosely tucked into bodycon skirts, it looks much better on.
I've also got these over the knee boots, i don't plan on wearing them this way, i'm not going for hooker chic but they show up better this way! I like them because the heel isn't too high and skinny and they are super comfy.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Hellooo! and Lush review

Hiya everyone x Sorry i've been so quiet this week, lifes been getting in the way of blogging, plus i've been poorly and i was out last night. I hope everyones ok, i have a mini haul to post but will do that a little bit later. My plan for this evening is to catch up on everyones blogs, i think its going to take a while!!

A few people asked me about the products i got in my Lush Freshers Pack so i have done some reviews. Heres part of it and i'll post the other part later in the week. Hope its not too boring x

These tabs contain oils which give your skin a deep clean. There are 4 types of tabs available and they retail at aroundd £5 for 7. I used the Tea Tree Toner Tab which contains Aloe vera and tea tree oil, its aimed at people with troubled skin and teenagers.
I filled my sink with very hot water until it was about a third full and then popped the tab in, it fizzed in the water a bit like a bath bomb does. I then put my face over the sink and popped a towel over my head to keep the steam in. I stayed there for around about 5 minutes as instructed.
Afterwards my skin was all glowy and felt fresh but to be honest i'm pretty sure i would have a similar effect if i'd just steamed my skin with hot water. I think the tabs are a nice extra if you are pampering yourself but i probably won't be including them in my regular skincare regime.

Cupcake was first launched for teenage skin but its also good for combination and oily skin. This smells good enough to eat, like a chocolate pudding. It contains Rhassoul mud, cocoa, linseed, peppermint and spearmint. You need to keep it in the fridge and use it quickly although you can also seperate it into individual portions and freeze them if you don't think you'll use it fast enough. This usually retails at £4.95 for a tub in store which is weird because online it costs more.
I popped this on after i used my toner tabs while my pores were open. The mask is lovely and thick and its easy to get an even layer all over your face. On the pot it says to leave the mask on for about 5-10 mins but I ended up leaving it on for about 20 minutes, it dries but doesn't set like some masks so you can still move your face. It says to wash off with warm water but i used a face cloth too as warm water alone isn't that effective at removing it.
After using my skin felt gorgeous, all smooth andsoft which lasted until the next day. I have used this mask before and i know i'll be buying it again as i notice a real difference in my skin after a few uses.

The other bits i'll be reviewing are the Shampoo bar, the sugar scrub and vanishing face cream so stay tuned x

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Quick outfit post

Winters arrived, i've started wearing a hat and gloves and i'm layering again. Just a quick outfit post.
Floral dress-Primark, long sleeved black tee underneath-H&M, black opaques
Black boots-Topshop, god i love these boots
Hope everyone is having a good week x