Saturday, 31 October 2009

2 tags!!

I've been tagged twice this week!
Firstly the fabulous Carla at Girl with the Golden Touch tagged me in the 7 things tag, she chose the colour red for me so here goes.

First up are shoesies!
I love this pair from Primark, i haven't worn them too much but i'm planning on getting alot more use from them over this winter.

Then we have these babies, you probably have all seen these before, these are from Red or Dead and are the perfect party shoe.

Next up is Nina by Nina Ricci perfume which comes in the gorgeous red bottle below. The scent of this is so lovely, i've run out but its on my to buy list!

My red hair bow is next up, i just love this, nothing more to say!

Strawberry Ribena, i cannot get enough of this, i was so happy when they started selling it as dilute.

My red corset, this is a tried and tested top, i know if i can't think of anything to wear on a night out i can chuck this on with a skirt or trousers and feel good. It keeps everything where it should be!

Red hair! I've been colouring my hair on and off for years now i love how it looks in the sun and its perfect for Autumn. This is one of the pics i have where you can see the red.

Then Carly of Cheated Hearts also tagged me with the most worn tag so here goes!

This is Mac Glaze Lipstick in Hue, a fab nude for me.

I don't actually wear earrings too often but i tend to wear these babies mostly, they were just cheap ones from H&M kids range!

Recently the top i've been living in is my Hello Kitty Jumper from H&M.

Nail Polish
I'm loving For Audrey from China Glaze

Hair Product
I love the Dream Hair range, i'm currently using the shampoo and conditioner.

Chanel No.5, I adore this, i know alot of people don't like the scent but fot me its timeless.


Not the most exciting shoes ever but i am living in these at the moment. Handbag

This changes all the time, this week its mostly been this striped bow bag from New Look.
I actually can't believe i've been home on a Sat night doing this, i had big plans for going out tonight and spent ages doing my costume only to be let down my 2 of my 'closest' friends. Enough of the moaning, at least its taught me something. Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween xx


  1. love the corset, i have a really similar hot pink River Island one. i tried to copy you with the Hello Kitty jumper but they didnt have it in my h&m :( x

  2. Yowsers love your red shoes Em, they are sensational lucky girl!!!! Sharon xxxoo

  3. I love love love the first pair of shoes

  4. As usual i want your wardrobe!!!! Lol xx


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