Monday, 26 October 2009

A very strange Monday

What a weird Monday.
Work flew by and then i met the ex boy for a few drinks which was a mix of good and bad. After a few vodkas it seemed like a good plan to kiss him, not that he complained, god knows whats going to happen there!
I came home to my Topshop parcel, i love it all!!
I decided to go onto MSN and a bloke i was seeing ages ago was on there and he started saying how we should get together and has asked me on a date later this week. I did not see that coming at all!!! Weird times!
I did manage a couple of sneaky buys, these Primark bangles, love them.
Also this jumper from Internationale, its a shop so full of tat but with a few lovely bits and this is gorgeous and soft.



  1. Ooo I have those bangles! I love 'em too, so great for stacking and totally bargainous :) Cute jumper, looks a nice shape x

  2. Check you out you little minx! Great buys, I used t have a jumper like that last year from New Look, loved it xx

  3. Nice jumper! I love it...
    I much enjoy your buys!

    See you soon. x

  4. ooh nice items, what was the Ts tunic like? Is it flattering on the larger chests?

  5. lucky you! spoilt for choice!!
    lovely bangles. x

  6. Lisa thats how im wearing the bangles, mixed up with others i have, love them! Thanks for the tag. Lisa-Jane the tunic is really nice, i wore it today with leggings, its nice just with a cardi and leggings x

  7. Ohhh I need more bangles in my life


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