Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Its getting hot in here..

Don't worry i'm not going to take my clothes off! Every UK blogger will know about the heatwave we're having this week, it always happens when i'm stuck at work!! I like the heat but just wish it was sunny here too.

My All Saints dress came today and man it is so short! I'm only 5ft and its really short on me so i can only imagine what its like on someone non dwarf-like. My mum told me i look very womanly in it, so i think i'm going to keep and wear with opaques. I'll try to take some photos tomorrow.

My Miss Selfridge dress also came and i have a picture of this one. In the photo the top looks a bit weird but its much more fitted in real life. Again how short is this dress?!! I like the colour and zip detail though.

I've not been inspired with clothes over the last couple of days. Mostly down to the heat and the fact that we've been dealing with Autumn and Winter collecions at work so i've been drooling over boots and coats!

I'll try and wear something decent tomorrow!

Ohh and only 10 more followers until my giveaway!

Sunday, 28 June 2009

My fave dresses tag

I've been tagged by A fashionable affair to post my favourite dresses. I live in dresses and its hard to pick just a few!! Its funny because i actually sorted through my dresses this weekened and put ones i don't often wear too the front of my wardrobe. So i whittled it down to six dresses.
This is my current fave. A floaty coral number with bib detailing from Primark. The colour sums up this summer and it looksfab with tights and bare legs.
This polka dot number was from the Patrica Field range at Marks and Spencers. I wore it when we went on a night out in Manchester earlier this year. I need to dig it out again.
Black lace minidress from Primark, I love this and have worn it sooo much, i also have it in cream too.
I have to put this on, i love this dress Its from Dorothy Perkins and just makes me feel great when i wear it.
This black velvet dress was 99p from Ebay and was worn to death over the winter.
I found this dress in my wardrobe and its not been worn for ages. Its originally from Primark last year and i love the shape and big buttons.

I'm tagging this to anyone who wants to do it!


Random mish mash post

Well its the end of another weekend, why do they go so fast?! Yesterday was spent at the vets and pet store sorting out my little bundles of joy and then last night i went out with the girls. Sadly i didn't have time to take any outfit or make up pics but i was wearing a pretty simple black dress with the following shoes from Topshop. It was sooo hot last night, i was not looking good!
The toyboy was out with his friends and i met up with them which was exciting as i've not really met them before. Mostly they were fab but there was a girl who really wound me up, she acted like the boy was her boyfriend, hands all over him and pulling him away from me to dance with her and acting all overfriendly with me. Girls like that really annoy me, its like shes marking her territory. It makes me feel so insecure but the boy was fab, he stayed with me and took me home at the end of the night. My friends seem to like him too, which is always good.
Today i've mostly been cleaning, sleeping and reading, not exactly exciting but i''m knackered after being out until 6am. Also i'm currently wearing these with socks to stop them hurting my feet.

On a more exciting note i've decided that when i get to 70 followers i'm going to do a giveaway!!! There isn't going to be any particular theme to it, just some random bits, so if anyone is reading this then get following!!

Only 5 more sleeps until next weekend x

I'd like to thank........

..Lou from Lou Lou Land who has awarded me! This award is bestowed on to blogs that are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to six bloggers who must choose six more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.
Getting this has cheered a hungover Emma up!
Soo heres who i'm passing it on to...
United Kingdom of Dollyness a gorgeous girl with fabulous style x
Prettyneons who has an awesome blog, fact!
Music, fashion, clutter i just love her blog, she makes me laugh with drunken pics.
Fashionably Early she has such a cute style.
Cupcakes and Cherries i love this blog, i've not been following long but she is fab x
Weight loss, clothes and make up fab blog and a gorge girl x
Me and Coco hope eveyone is having a happy Sunday! Why can i never get all 3 dogs to pose together!

Friday, 26 June 2009

My finger slipped...

.... and accidently made me order the All Saints Mabelle dress. I've loved the dress for ages and i'm hoping it looks good on me.
Then my naughty fingers took me to the Miss Selfridge website and ordered this dress and earrings.
Then i popped into town after work today to get some face wipes and treated myself to two new lipsticks and two nail polishes.
Excuse my mucky nails- 17 lipstick in Marshmallow Whip(gorgeous pink when on) and Maybelline Watershine Lipstick in shade 111(sheer pink with lots of sparkle in).
17 clear polish and Sally Hansen Nail colour in Opal Truth(a gorgeous neutral)
Also treated myself to a box of smarties. Why do orange ones taste so good?!

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Whats in my bag today? And outfit of the day

I've always meant to do a 'whats in my bag' post so here it it!
Huge leopard print bag from Marks and Spencer
Inside we have 2009 shoe print diary, Medication,Polka dot pen, Hair bobble, Leopard Sunglasses case with glasses in, Work ID and key, Silver Ipod nano,Pewter leather purse(with around £30 in), Tissues, Hello Kitty Make up bag from H&M.
In the make up bag we have Benefit Boing, Gosh eyeshadow, Mac Mat Lumiere, Mac black eyeliner, Barry M mascara, Mac Hello Kitty Lipgloss. Scary that this lot is worth around £80.
Whats in your handbag today?

My outfit matched the sunny sky today.

Bright yellow sundress-ASOS, Jeggings-Matalan, Chain strap bracelet- Miss SelfridgeGold sparkly mary jane flats- Topshop, i still love these!

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Yorkshire Fashion Week

This week its Yorkshire Fashion Week.Its the first time its ever been held and consists of a weeks worth of events ending in a fashion gala in Huddersfield. I emailed a couple of people to get more information on the event a couple of weeks ago but sadly nobody got back to me so the only information i have is from this article (i took the pictures from the article gallery). Personally i don't think the event has been advertised very well, i only found out about it by accident, but i do hope it goes well for everyone involved.
I think the event is a great idea, Yorkshire is such a huge county and so diverse its great to showcase the fashion here as generally everything is centred on London. One day i'll take my camera out with me and take some photos of fabulous people and post them.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Sunshine and spots

I wore one of my favourite dresses to work to celebrate the sunny weather. Some of you will have seen this dress before dressed up for a night out, but today i wore it with tights, cardi and pumps. I love the 50's shape of the dress, it makes me want to twirl around.
Dress- Dorothy Perkins, Navy opaques- Miss Selfridge
Navy cardi- La Redoute
White pumps- Primark

Monday, 22 June 2009

Update from camp Emma-outfit post

Its been good times in the world of blogging! I received another blog award from Lisa which put a big smile on my face and i now have 50 followers! I'd love to thank you all by giving you all a lovely glass of pink champagne!
Outside of the blog world i've had a good weekend, i went out on another date with the boy(now known as the toyboy!) in Leeds and got far too drunk, but he still likes me for some reason. Sadly work isn't so good, but nothing new there.
Todays outfit post, i love this dress for its pure cheerfulness!
Floral dress-Asda, Navy waist belt- Primark, Gold and pearl necklace- Topshop, Purple footless opaques- Miss Selfridge
Nude pumps(rescued from the bottom of the garden from my dogs)- Primark

Sunday, 21 June 2009

I got an award!!!!

I am so excited, the fantabulous Girl with the Golden Touch has given me an award!
Its nice to know that people read my inane ramblings, i love coming on and seeing new comment or peoples new posts on their blog. I think it stems from being super nosey! Much as i'd love to pass the award on to every blogger out there i've settled on 5 people. Drum roll please.........
Lou Lou Land- one of my first followers, fab girl who has more beauty products then Boots!
Daisy Chain Dreams- i love her blog and she makes fantastic jewellery. Oh and she's ever so slightly gorgeous!
Live.laugh.love-huge fantastic hauls, need i say more!?
Desire is necessary to keep life in motion- i've not been reading this long but the posts always make me smile.
Geeky Weirdo Chick- shes having a rubbish time at the moment but i know she'll pull through it and still emerge gorgeous and well dressed.

Also would just like to say Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there, particularly my brilliant dad who i adore.

Friday, 19 June 2009

Payday Haul!

Well i got paid today so considered it my duty to go shopping.
Firstly i got my refill for my Mat Lumiere foundation, the girl gave me such a big bag for a little packet!

I popped into H&M there was a sale on but not much took my fancy really.

I got this grey and black oversized shirt to wear with leggings. Also picked up this cute pink headband.

Also went to Primark but again not much caught my eye.
I got a navy belt with gold buckle and huge blue cocktail ring. I had more luck in Miss Selfridge who had a massive sale on.
I got these purple and navy tights for £1 each, i know its summer but i love my tights and they'll be good for Autumn.
Also picked up this bracelet which is like the ASOS one in my wishlist, its gold in real life.

Black and cream multirow necklace- I'm taking the corsage off of this.

Annnnnd this fan bright purple mini skirt, its so bright and vibrant, i can't wait to wear it.

Finally i popped to Ann Summers, i know it can be total tacksville but they do decent bras that fit my ridiculous boobs. So i got this set and also the basque below(it was only£5).

Hope everyones had a good Friday x

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Blue skies over....

the houses of West Yorkshire. Ok it doesn't rhyme but nevermind! Look at the lovely sky(ok its cloudy but still blue!) above my house when i got home from work today. I sat out in the garden with a drink and the puppies. The girls went to play while Oscar(with brand new haircut) sat with me and my mum.

Excuse my mums primarked up feet!

For work today i wore the following......

Pinspot ruffle dress-Topshop, White vest- H&M, Black leggings-Matalan

Close up of print

Nude ruffle pumps- Primark