Thursday, 11 June 2009

Two lovely parcels for me!

Well thats cheered my othewise dull day up.
First the postman came along with my Topshop dress that i won from ebay. I love the dress but i'm not 100% sure about it on me, it has netting underskirts and i'm not sure its that flattering on the hips. I put the belt on which makes it look better but i'd wear a plain belt if i was going to wear it out.
The second parcel was a mini Mac order.
I got Violet Fire Nail Polish and 2 Odd Couple Mineral Eyeshadows one for me and one for my mummy.
Also i finally tried on my nude studded dress with the shoes i'm going to wear for the wedding i'm off too. I took some pictures to post as The Brunette asked.


  1. love both dresses but the peach one looks especially lovely on you xx

  2. Both dresses look lovely Emma but the peach one is gorgeous and looks lovely on you.


  3. luvin it me girl, LOVE the MAC varnish!

    My outfits u liked r primark xx

  4. Hi there-adoring this last dress my dear!

  5. The nude dress looks lovely on you, very pretty xx

  6. Both dresses look stunning on you

  7. You look devine on that Topshop nude dress, what an absolute bargain! And the colours of the purple and gold together made such a nice picture.
    See you soon.

  8. That last dress is sooooooooo gorgeous!!

  9. Oh, I love that nude dress so much!!


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