Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Mary Queen of Charity Shops

It was the final show tonight in this series and i loved it. Highlights tonight were the lovely Inga's
mock stripping and Brenda who i'd love to cuddle. Also a stunning Erin O Connor, she always comes across as so lovely unlike a certain Peaches Geldof who i just find irritating. I think the series has done some fab things such as showing how hard volunteers work despite the most awful donations and from this article that Mary's changes have worked.
Throughout the series i've been droolng over Mary's shoes and accessories, i would love to raid her wardrobe!! Heres an article from the lady herself.
In other news...
I have Thursday and Friday off work wooo so a nice long weekend for meeeeeee!
Its payday on Friday!!
My date went fantastically and we're spending the day together on Thursday.
I'm going out on Sat night.


  1. ooh glad your date went well lady. Don't get me started on that brat Peaches Geldof lol x

  2. Glad your date went well hun. I HATED Peaches tonight...what a dick.

    I've only managed to catch this weeks and last weeks episode, has there been a lot more that I have just missed? :(

  3. Pleased the date went well hun - I have sky plused this as I haven't managed to watch last weeks yet

  4. I watched the show and loved it too!! Enjoy your day together on Thursday!!


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