Wednesday, 3 June 2009

I got tagged

Woo i've been tagged by A Fashionable Affair, thank you! I love reading these posts as i get to know more about the people behind the blogs.
Where i blog..
I usually blog while lying on my bed with the tv or radio on in the background.

What i'm wearing...
I'm still wearing my work outfit, black mini dress with multi coloured flamingo print, black leggings with zips at the ankles, black long cardi and black flat pumps.

Last thing i read/currently reading...
A chick lit book called Nearly Wed.

Do i nap alot..
I did when i was at uni but i don't have the chance these days!

Last person i hugged...
My mummy

Current Obsession/ Addiction..
Soooo many Beef Monster Munch, Rocky Road biscuits, false lashes, dresses, nail polish, cute prints

Pizza, nothing overly exciting

Last thing i bought...
I ordered a couple of tops for my dad for fathers day.

Listening too right now...
I'm watching The Apprentice, i heart this programme so much.

I would love to be able to magic myself to wherever i fancy being at the time. Right now it would be to my friend's in Bournemouth.

Favourite weather and why....
I love how it was over the weekend, sunny and warm but not so warm that you can't be bothered to move.

Time i usually get up.....
8am in the week, usually between 9 and 10 at the weekend

Most challanging goal right now...
Getting a new job!

Something to the person who tagged me...
Your blog is pretty new too me, but its fab!

A house totally paid for and fully furnished somewhere in the world, where?
Central London!

Favourite item of clothing....
My blue and white polka dot dress, it makes me want to twirl around.

Favourite pair of shoes that i go back to again and again and again....
These black shoes from Topshop, look fab for work and play.
I hate choosing people to tag, so i tag EVERYONE!


  1. i never got tagged :(

    im watching the apprentice too, i want Yasmina to win :) xx

  2. That polka dot dress is gorge! And looks lovely on you might I add. xx BTW - I'm Poppycakes - just started posting on fashiobaggers. I was on handbag but it never really worked for me xx


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