Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Yorkshire Fashion Week

This week its Yorkshire Fashion Week.Its the first time its ever been held and consists of a weeks worth of events ending in a fashion gala in Huddersfield. I emailed a couple of people to get more information on the event a couple of weeks ago but sadly nobody got back to me so the only information i have is from this article (i took the pictures from the article gallery). Personally i don't think the event has been advertised very well, i only found out about it by accident, but i do hope it goes well for everyone involved.
I think the event is a great idea, Yorkshire is such a huge county and so diverse its great to showcase the fashion here as generally everything is centred on London. One day i'll take my camera out with me and take some photos of fabulous people and post them.


  1. Cool - its typical with anything like this tho they never advertise them properly - Up in Newcastle we have a really good range of fashion degrees etc at the Uni of Northumbria ye all the shows etc seem to concentrate on southern unis

  2. Hi there-its a great idea, but a poor show they didn't answer you back, they need to get their act together for this to really take off!

  3. Sounds great. Wish I could go, I went to uni in Huddersfield x


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