Monday, 22 June 2009

Update from camp Emma-outfit post

Its been good times in the world of blogging! I received another blog award from Lisa which put a big smile on my face and i now have 50 followers! I'd love to thank you all by giving you all a lovely glass of pink champagne!
Outside of the blog world i've had a good weekend, i went out on another date with the boy(now known as the toyboy!) in Leeds and got far too drunk, but he still likes me for some reason. Sadly work isn't so good, but nothing new there.
Todays outfit post, i love this dress for its pure cheerfulness!
Floral dress-Asda, Navy waist belt- Primark, Gold and pearl necklace- Topshop, Purple footless opaques- Miss Selfridge
Nude pumps(rescued from the bottom of the garden from my dogs)- Primark


  1. love the outfit, as usual xxx

  2. Great news on the date front, love your dress too!

  3. i love your outfits work, god knows what u wear on a night out? xx

  4. Lol, luckily i can wear what i like for work! X


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