Thursday, 23 August 2012

Hi there!

Hello blogettes, long time no post! In fact its been over 3 months!! 
I was browsing though this blog today looking for the shade of concealer i'd used in the past and found myself really missing it. Although i am blogging over at They Grow So Quick i miss this blog so much!!

So whats new? 
I'm 30 weeks pregnant today, feeling and looking huge but also very excited to meet baby number 2. 
We found out that i'm having another boy, Our wedding is in 5 weeks time, which is both stressful and exciting as you can imagine.
Seb is still amazing, he is 20 months now, learning new words every day and is generally a happy little chap with a wardrobe to rival his mamas.

Have i missed anything exciting?
I have tried to keep up with peoples blogs but it can be hard when you have an energetic toddler to run around after!