Friday, 26 December 2008


I saw this film last night and i had forgotton how much i love it. Cher has some great 60's outfits including the pink and black polka dot dress, Winona Ryder looks gorgeous as her daughter and Christina Ricci is as cute as a button. I think i might have to get the DVD.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! I hope everybody had a lovely day and got lots of gorgeous presents. I had a very quiet day but it was nice and relaxing and i ate loads of chocolate and turkey and its nice to see people opening presents and being genuinely happy with them.

Yesterday i made an effort to be festive so wore

Dark green velvet dress with scoop neck-ebay, black opaques, gold waist belt-Primark, Gold and black panther cuff- Dorothy Perkins, Gold sparkly flats- Topshop

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Sunday, 21 December 2008


I loved reading this article on Coco Chanel this weekend. Its a nice simple round up of some influences Coco had and still has today. Just glancing at it i see alot of my style staples such as pearls, ballerina pumps, chains and of course the LBD which everyone has a version of! I also covet the 2.55 bag so much and have a few look-a-like versions and if i ever win the lottery its the first thing on my wishlist.

For now though a bottle of No.5 is on my wishlist and thats a bit more affordable! Its my favourite of all the perfumes by Chanel and while i know alot of people really don't like the scent, i think its gorgeous.

Happy Birthday to me

I had my birthday yesterday so i'm now quarter of a century old which is a bit scary as in my head i'm still only 16. I've had a good weekend though and got some nice presents, including lots of wine, a watch, earings, a purse and some black boots which are a joint Christmas and birthday present. I'll post photos later in the week.
Its so close to Christmas now, i have to work tomorrow and Tuesday then i'm off for 5 days and i'm so looking forward to the break. I'm planning on clearing out my wardrobe and ebaying alot of the stuff i don't wear anymore and also to catch up on some reading as it seems like ages since i read a book and i have about 5 sat here waiting to be read.

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Some looks i'm liking

Pics stolen from various websites
I covet the leopard print bag she's carrying and love the print mix.
More leopard print
Simple and stylish

I love her bag and jacket. She looks so cosy.

I think this is really cute and easy to wear.


I have been buying far too much for myself this week. I'm now pretty poor but hopefully i'll get some money for my birthday this weekend.
Black studded shoots
Grey patent Mary Jane platforms
Teal blue skirt- the colours awful in the picture
Cream quilted bag
Pewter quilted bag
Funky socks
Red dress with pleated detail on the front
Red and purple opaques
Mac eyeshadow in Cranberry and Pigment in Blackest Red

Bourjois eyeshadows in grey and navy
Quilted pewter pumps
Giles Deacon for NL dress from ebay- pic stolen from seller
Leopard print dress

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Save Woolworths!!

I would be so upset if Woolworths closed down, i love their Pick and Mix so much, nowhere else does it as well!
I heard that their sales were up 90% in the last week, so maybe its not too late yet!

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Its coming back!

After being poorly for what seems like forever, i'm finally getting back into clothes! I actually loved my outfit today and i got all my Christmas shopping finished( as well as buying treats for me!)

Black velvet dress, gold waist belt, black opaques, gold glittery flats. Purple beret for outside

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Its all so quiet..

I've been pretty quiet on the fashion front as i've been in bed ill most of the week. I'm up and about now and back to work tomorrow so will be actually wearing clothes again!! I've ordered a couple of bits.....

Black patant wedges to wear with coloured tights

Vintage style sequin beret, i love love love the colours in this

Cutesy jumper to wear with jeans on lazy days

And on ebay i won...

Flat grey pumps with black bows originally from Oasis
Black and white bow print dress with zip up front originally from Tosphop

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Winter warmers

I got a few bits to keep me warm this weekend

These but in leopard print

Grey and pink hat and gloves

Purple sequin beret

This weekend

Last weekend was been a bit mad, i went away to Butlins with some friends, its the first time i've ever been anywhere like that and i actually had a brilliant time, it was an adults only weekend and there were lots of cheesy acts on like Right Said Fred and 911(anyone remember them?!!!) so it was basically a weekend of drinking far too much and dancing until our feet could stand no more. I wore my zip up vest dress with coloured opaques for 2 of the 3 nights and have to say it looked fab. The other nght was a school disco so we dressed in uniforms and i got to wear my sparkly shoes!

While there i totally lost my voice which still hasn't come back so i havent been able to go to work and i am SOO frustrated and fed up!

Last weekend was also when we could up our new puppy, but we ended up with 2. They are so gorgeous but it means we have 3 puppies to spoil now.