Sunday, 21 December 2008


I loved reading this article on Coco Chanel this weekend. Its a nice simple round up of some influences Coco had and still has today. Just glancing at it i see alot of my style staples such as pearls, ballerina pumps, chains and of course the LBD which everyone has a version of! I also covet the 2.55 bag so much and have a few look-a-like versions and if i ever win the lottery its the first thing on my wishlist.

For now though a bottle of No.5 is on my wishlist and thats a bit more affordable! Its my favourite of all the perfumes by Chanel and while i know alot of people really don't like the scent, i think its gorgeous.


  1. ooh where did you read that article? i've got to do a 3 minute speech in school and I might do mine on Coco Chanel! I totally agree about the 2.55 bag, it's my dream bag! I haven't actually smelt the Chanel No.5 perfume, but the beautiful Nicole Kidman advert makes me want it!

  2. oh I loved that article!! and Coco Chanel of course!!
    I can't wait until i'm older and can start wearing No.5, its beautiful! (but a bit too old for me at the moment!)

  3. Hi rosa the articles in the mail of sunday maagzine, its linked at the start of my post, i think ccoc would be a brilliant person to do a speech on and nobody else will choose her.
    Demi, sadly i'm 25 now so i reckon i'm old enough to wear grown up perfumes lol! x

  4. Hi there-wow, missed your post my dear, nice one!! I adore Chanel no 5, I really could do with some more! I bought Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche in summer, very nice for a change! Happy belated Birthday wishes too, and Happy Xmas wishes as well!


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