Sunday, 31 January 2010

Goodbye January and Hello February Challenge!

Well January is over, it seems to have flown by! We've had my nieces 1st birthday this weekend, i got her some clothes from Zara, how cute is their kids range?! I've been buying quite alot this month and today saw another mini haul.
I got myself this tea dress from Primark, its so cute on, i don't like the belt it came with so will be charity shopping that and wearing it without or with something a bit more funky.
Cute charm bracelet, also from Primark
Neon pink tee for layering, from Marks and Spencer, i really like the Limited Collection stuff.
I also got 2 of the lip crayons from Barry M. I got the orange and the bright pink one. I was skeptical but they are really lovely and wearable. Heres me modelling the Orange, i'm sorry for the roughness, i haven't done anything with my hair and its a total mess!

Anyways i have decided that February is my time to have a little break from spending. I'm going to cut down, preferably not buying anything clotheswise. I'm not going to have an all out ban as i know i won't stick to it but i am going to try and be good. I'm also listing all the things on ebay that have been sat around for ages waiting to go on and tidying my wardrobe properly.
I do have some parcels to come(see a couple of posts down) and also i won a leather jacket on ebay last night for £2.20, lets hope its not too hideous! I randomly bid on it because i saw its price.
Happy Sunday everyone! x

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Outfit of the day, plus new shoes!

I'm having another quiet weekend, i feel pretty healthy at the moment. I've not been out drinking since New Years Eve and its agreeing with me. Today i popped to Matalan to have a mooch and also walked the doggies. This is what i wore...
Dress- Primark, Light grey cardi-La Redoute, Over knee boots- La Redoute
Bag- Topshop
A little pose to show my mustard tights- Accessorize
Perfume Bottle Necklace-ASOSIn Matalan i grabbed these shoes, they are ideal for work as they are not too high but they are still funky with the zip and studs.
Tonight i'm having a hot bath and will be doing my nails then i think i'm going to Leeds tomorrow for shopping and lunch. Hope everyone is having a good weekend xx

Friday, 29 January 2010

Payday!! and 200 followers!

It seems to be payday for a lot of people today! I celebrated with some online orders.
I've been swooning over this Oasis jacket for a few weeks now and decided to take the plunge. I can't wait for it to come and hope it fits nicely! Would you believe i don't own a leather jacket? The normal styles in shops just don't suit me.
Taking advantage of the free delivery offer on New Look i've ordered this cute cardi

And this black skater dress
Then with the free delivery offer on ASOS i ordered this necklace i had my eye on

Have you been buying anything?
Would also like to say thank you to all my followers, i'm at 200 now!!!! Expect a little giveaway soon x

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Review: The Body Shop Banana Shampoo and Conditioner

The Product
The Body Shop Banana Shampoo and Conditioner, priced at £3.99 each. These are in the Anita's favourites range which is a range of products back from the past. I've been using these for a couple of weeks now.

The hype
'It’s back! Go banana-rama for this irresistible shampoo that not only smells good enough to eat, but gently cleanses and helps nourish the hair, leaving it soft and sheeny. An old favourite from The Body Shop®, originally launched in 1990 - now improved with added Community Trade banana puree and 100% post-consumer recycled packaging!!!'
'It’s back! Go bananas for this irresistible smelling conditioner that helps nourish the hair, leaving it soft, shiny and manageable. An old favourite from The Body Shop®, originally launched in 1988 - now improved with added Community Trade banana puree and 100% post-consumer recycled packaging!!!' Taken from The Body Shops website.


  • Nostalgia, i used to use this product when i was little!
  • The most divine smell, i hate bananas but the smell of this makes me swoon.
  • Good value, i usually spend more on Shampoo and Conditioner.
  • The conditioner has a lovely thick consistency.
  • My hair is squeaky clean, shiny and soft.
  • I wash my hair every other day but with this shampoo i probably could go longer if i wanted as i didn't get any greasiness.


  • The smell doesn't linger on hair
  • Only available at The Body Shop for a limited time.

Would i repurchase?
Yep, I'm stocking up on some before it disappears!

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

When the going gets tough, Emma gets shopping

As mentioned before work is stressful at the moment, i can't wait for the weekend! I popped into town after work today i had 45 minutes in the shops before closing and this is what i grabbed.
Nude pinky handbag, perfect summer handbag. Excuse the medication and the random mess.
Heart print sheer tights
Cute flower necklaceBarry M eyeshadow kit, only £4,99 in Superdrugs sale
The Body Shop Passion Fruit and Peach Body Butters. Yes Yes Yes Lip Butter and sparkly lipgloss.
Swatch of the gloss
I also picked up some black leggings but figured you don't need a photo of those! xx

Monday, 25 January 2010

Ins and Outs

Lilac nails-currently loving my Eyeko and Gosh Lilac polishes.
Sales bargains- there are still some fab bargains to be had, i love the ends of sales.

Payday- on Friday, thank god!

Job hunting- looking around for jobs, has made me realise that despite all the doom and gloom, there are jobs out there.

Chanel quad(Les folies noires)- Love this so much.
Crappy work-so depressing and stressful. Impending redundancies, and trying to make us work stupid hours that we don't want to work. Arghhhhhhhh!

Too long fringe- the girl who i have cut my hair is booked up for the next couple of weeks and i don't trust anyone else now! My fringe isn't cut straight so i can't trim it myself, currently being clipped back.

People walking round in vest tops-its January so why are people(mostly young girls) walking around in vest tops?!!!

What are your ins and outs?

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Outfit of Sunday

Sorry about the dark photos, the ligh here is awful at the moment. Anyway, i met up with my ex on today for a few drinks and food. It was good catching up, i forget how much he makes me laugh.
Anyway i wore....
Dress with striped top and plain black bottom-Primark, Black slouchy cardi-La Redoute, Black opaques
Close up of the waist detailing, the buttons are gold.
Leopard pumps-Oasis
I've recycled this photo as my one from today is awful
Hope everyone had a fab weekend x

Look what i won!

If i'm bored i can always rely on ebay to help me out, i can easily spend a couple of hours on there just looking at random things.
Last week i won this top(pic stolen from seller) for 99p. I actually forgot that i bid on this and logged in to find a message asking for my payment. Ooooops, anyway it was paid and is on its way, i actually already have this top with a heart print, its soo lightweight, perfect for hot days.

Have you won anything recently?

Has everyone had a good weekend? Mines been unexciting really, i had to spend ages at the vets with 2 of the dogs to have their jabs and have also been on some nice long walkies. I'm going to town today to take back a dress which fell apart on first wear and maybe buy something pretty to replace it xxx

Friday, 22 January 2010

Review:Lush Mmm Melting Marshmallow Moment Bath Melt

The product
Lush Mmm Melting Marshmallow Moment Bath Melt. Priced at £3.50 for one.

Whats the hype?
'Slow melting musky marshmallow marvel. MMM melts into a pink, fluffy waterbed of marshmallow and moisturizing cocoa butter. Each Melting Marshmallow Moment is made with marshmallow herb, which produces a sweet, skin-soothing mucilage that was used to make sugar candies for hundreds of years, and marigold, which is equally calming for your skin. Take your time, savour each moment and have as many marshmallows as you like.' Taken from the Lush website.

  • Its really pretty in your bathroom.
  • It smells divine, really sweet and sugary.
  • It produces quite a few bubbles.
  • Its turns the bath water pink!
  • It makes you feel like you're spoiling yourself.
  • Leaves you with silky soft skin.
  • The smell didn't seem to linger for long.
  • You use one per bath which means its not great cost per use. You could use just half the bar but i don't think it would feel as luxurious.

Would I re-purchase?
Yes! Its a gorgeous product and would definatly use it again for days when i want to be super girly and pamper myself.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Mini ASOS order

I placed an order about 3 weeks ago now but have only got just the photos up. I did also order a skirt but i've had to send that back as its hideous!
I got Eyeko Lilac nail polish, Eyeko Creamy Cupcake Lipbalm and Illamasqua Cream Eyeshadow in Amorous
Its actually my first Illmasqua producst and i love it. The colour is a dirty lilac/grey. Watch out for a face of the day soon.
Also got some over the knee bow socks, sooo good in the current cold weather
So a tiny order but i'm happy with it!

Funnily enough Pippa at Clashing Time is having a giveaway for an ASOS voucher, see here.
Today has been a good day until i got home and found out that my 8 year old niece is being bullied at school, i wish i lived closer :(

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Outfit of the day!

Not of today but its what i wore shopping on Sunday.
Tiny floral print dress-Asda, Black vest(underneath)-H&M, Black leggings- H&M

Black over knee boots- La Redoute, its a shame you can't see them clearly over my leggings
Magnifying glass necklace- Marc by Marc Jacobs
I'm thinking about maybe doing some review posts on beauty products? Would you like to see them?

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Meadowhall trip

I've managed to get some photos on, wooooooo. I have so much new stuff to post on here. I'll start with my Meadowhall trip at the weekend.
Starying with Primark, i love so much of their new stock, they had some fab bits in for Spring.

Firstly i got this polka dot dress, i love the colour and the shape and the pockets
ohh and the buttons!
So pleased to find this cream lace vest for £4, i was wanting one for layering and this is perfect. My mum got it in a gorgeous dirty lilac colour.
Quilted belt, knitted headband(watch out for me modelling this!), layered pearl necklace, nautical scarf which is really big
The cutest Russian Doll mug and coaster
Then onto H&M where i picked up this gorgeous cardi

Then in New Look i got this gorgeous dress, its a really dark green, its a bit washed out here and the detailing on the bust is flowers. Its very low cut though

Lastly i went to Kurt Geiger and couldn't resist buying myself some shoes in the sale

I'm sorry about the awful pictures, these were originally £140 and i got them for £29!!!!!! Yay!

My mum also got some fab shoes in there too.
I kind of spent more then i should have but i am sending back an All Saints skirt and an ASOS skirt so that should cover it! x

Glamourous Blog Award

I've been nominated for the Glamorous Blog Award by Pippa at Clashing Time. Thank you so much! Everyone should take a look at her blog, she is totally gorgeous.

To accept the award you need to list 10 things readers don't know about you and then 10 of your glamorous items.

10 things you don't know about me
1.I'm not sporty at all, but i do love Aerobics and Dance
2.I'm constantly drinking water
3.I love cheese
4.I'm a total magpie, always attracted to sparkle and sequins
5.I have 3 dogs
6.I love to cook
7.I'm a total flirt, i can't help it, i just flirt with everyone. Its not a matter of fancying the person its just my personality
8.I'm 5ft but always go for tall men
9.I hate going to the hairdressers
10.I prefer baths rather then showers
My 10 glamorous items
1. Wearing pearl necklaces
2. Using this vintage bag
3. This dress always makes me feel glam

4. Drinking champagne

5. My navy blue or bottle green sequin dresses for a night out.
6. My glittery topshop shoes

7. False eyelashes
8. Wearing my Chanel NO.5
9. Black or navy glossy nail polishes from Barry M
10. My Chanel make up, the compacts are so luxurious and i always feel a little special using them