Sunday, 17 January 2010


Firstly i want to apologise to Laura for taking so long to post this as she gave it to me at the start of January. Now i have done this tag previously so i'm not going to bore you all with 7 facts again but i wanted to say thank you for the tag, i really do appreciate them.
I've tagged myself to do this photo tag from Dainty Dollymix. All you need to do is go to your first folder in your photos and post the 10th picture and then tell the story. Easy!
Well my first photo folder is full of a mix of old pictures of me and my family and my pets. My 10th photo is actually of me, here goes!

Theres not much of a story really, its me posing and one of my male friends from uni who is into photography taking a picture which he messed around with and emailed me.

I'd love to see everybody doing this tag, its another one where you can nosey into peoples lives!
I also have another tag which i have done and scheduled for a bit later in the week

Finally i'd love to say thank you to all my new followers, i've noticed them creeping up. I have tried to get back to everybody but if i've missed anyone i'm really sorry xxx


  1. hey I've just stumbled across your blog and really enjoying it! I've joined as a follower

  2. Oh I love this TAG i will do it pronto... x

  3. It is a great tag. The photo of you is great. You have nice big eyes. Almost at 200 followers, how exciting! x


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