Monday, 18 January 2010

River Island order

ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH i'm so fed up of my camera not working, i have so many photos to put on, i'm waaaay behind on hauls and outfit posts. Its soooo frustrating! I've stolen some photos for this post by using google images.
Anyways I'm sure you all heard about the massive sale River Island had where they reduced all the sale stock even more. I don't tend to buy alot in there but they so some lovely going out bits so i had a browse.
I was very excited to see this dress in the sale as i wanted it full price but they never had my size instore so to get it for the sale price of £5 was uber exciting. I usually think of sequins as being a winter thing, but i can see me wearing this in summer.
Also couldn't resist these high waisted sequin knickers, i have no idea when i will wear them but for £4 i couldn't not buy them!
My brother is going to look at my camera for me, i hope it works soon!


  1. Oh my god I LOVE this dress! Can't wait to see you in it.

  2. I got a few bargains from the online sale too, that dress is lovely!x

  3. sequin knickers! i love them! haha
    you could wear them under a floaty dress so that if it was to lift up, youre covered! literally xx

  4. yay for bargins :)
    love both of them. I have sequin big knickers, wore them new years eve- not sure i'll ever wear them again, but I do love them!
    hope ur camera works soon

  5. I'm loving the sequins!! I seen the dress in there when it was full price- it's really pretty x

  6. Cute pants! I cannot wait to see how you style these - I love them!

  7. Love the sequin knickers! I got a pair in the Topshop sale but haven't had an opportunity to wear them yet! x

  8. love the sequin knickers! im sure you will rock it stylishly :)


  9. SOOOO JEALOUS RIGHT NOW! especially of the sequin hotpants, i've wanted some foreverrrrr but can never afford them!

    ♥ Hannah



  10. I loveeee the dress. By the time I decided I could afford to treat myself to some RI bits, most had sold out in my size :(

  11. OMG I was going to get that dress too but then it sold out! It's so pretty!


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