Saturday, 16 January 2010

Normal service is resumed

Well my internet is finally working properly again. Its been a busy week here, my work are currently going through the process of making people redundant, the number of people in my department is being halved, so its quite an uncertain time for everyone at the moment but it didn't really come as a surprise. In about 2 weeks we will know who is staying and who is going. I have mixed feelings, i would be sad to go but part of me thinks its time to move on. I've also got things going on with one of my friends which is not pleasant but hopefully it will blow over soon.
This weekend is set to be nice and quiet, today i'm going to catch up on blogs, have a hot bath and pamper myself and watch a dvd. I might pop to meadowhall tomorrow although my finds are limited!
For some reason my camera is now playing up so i can't get my photos of my new bits and a couple of outfit posts on at the moment, but i will sort it!! In the meantime i went to Asda last week to help with the shopping and came home with

Black bodysuit with mesh top and sleeves, i love this and have worn it layered under a dress already, so comfy
3 more books to add to the pile
Factory Girl on DVD i never got round to seeing this so i saw the DVD on sale for £3 and snapped it up, i really enjoyed the film despite not being a Sienna Miller fan.
I think she looks gorgeous in the film and i love her clothes.
I reallllly want this coat(i wouldn't mind the hot man either!)

Hope you are all ok anmd have fabulous weekends planned xxx


  1. ooh i havent seen factory girl yet! might add that one to my list.

    the body from asda is great! havent been in george for ages, bet they have some great stuff! x

  2. I hope everything gets better between you and your friend soon hun, also, good luck with the redundancies.
    Lovely buys, i love asda! xx

  3. really like that mesh bodysuit! and i still haven't watched factory girl, good reminder!*


  4. I love that body from Asda. I always seem to forget about George and that they do some really nice stuff!

    I hope everything ends up being OK at your work. I went through all that just before Christmas so I know how you feel.

    Kate x

  5. Ah, I love Sienna Miller! She is so tylish + she has the coolest tattoo on her wrist :)

    Will definitely check out the movie :)


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