Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Meadowhall trip

I've managed to get some photos on, wooooooo. I have so much new stuff to post on here. I'll start with my Meadowhall trip at the weekend.
Starying with Primark, i love so much of their new stock, they had some fab bits in for Spring.

Firstly i got this polka dot dress, i love the colour and the shape and the pockets
ohh and the buttons!
So pleased to find this cream lace vest for £4, i was wanting one for layering and this is perfect. My mum got it in a gorgeous dirty lilac colour.
Quilted belt, knitted headband(watch out for me modelling this!), layered pearl necklace, nautical scarf which is really big
The cutest Russian Doll mug and coaster
Then onto H&M where i picked up this gorgeous cardi

Then in New Look i got this gorgeous dress, its a really dark green, its a bit washed out here and the detailing on the bust is flowers. Its very low cut though

Lastly i went to Kurt Geiger and couldn't resist buying myself some shoes in the sale

I'm sorry about the awful pictures, these were originally £140 and i got them for £29!!!!!! Yay!

My mum also got some fab shoes in there too.
I kind of spent more then i should have but i am sending back an All Saints skirt and an ASOS skirt so that should cover it! x


  1. Fab haul hon! I LOVE that New Look dress and the Primark dress! x

  2. Lol I thought of you when i picked up the Primark dress Naz! x

  3. Those dresses are swoonworthy and I love the mug!

    Can I be a pain and ask what fabric the polka dot one is made of? Viscose doesn't work with my skin and so many of the Primark ones seem to be viscose :(

  4. Love all ur primark stuff, the dress is gorgeous, and love that scarf too :)
    glad u got ur fotos up

  5. I looked at that dress today too, but I'm a size 14 and wasn't sure if it would make me look really big. Didn't have time to go and try on to check it out though. But I was drawn straight to it, it's a fabulous dress. And those shoes are amazing. I love KG! xx

  6. I have the knitted headband and Russian doll mug! How could you possibly resist such adorable things? Yay for new clothes.

    I work right near Meadowhall (sure I've told you that before) and am always in there. If you ever spot me PLEASE come say hello! We don't see much of your face but I'm sure you're sick of the sight of mine and could easily pick me out of a crowd! :)

  7. The first dress is so so cute. The shoes are def my fave, they are mega HOT!

  8. Great buys love the lace vest. the cardi and the Primark dress

    I want to go to Meadowhall one day I have heard its brilliant.


  9. I love the primark vest, so gorgeous, and you got an amzing deal on those heels! xx

  10. Some amazing finds and those KG shoes are gorgeous and such a great price xoxo

  11. i actually love it all! I need to get to a primark now by the looks of it. I want one of those headbands and that polka dotty dress!


  12. You've got some lovely bits there, I def need a trip to Primark xx

  13. Ahhhh I want one of those headbands!!! Didn't relise primark were selling them.

    I can't believe the KG shoes were in the sale! Bargain :)

  14. I keep eyeing that Primark dress up every time I walk past there, I think I need to bite the bullet and buy it!


  15. Clearly I need to get my arse to primark.

  16. Oh those are your kinda shoes.. knock outs what a bargain!

    Love the priamrk scarf & head band, i got the same head bank from urban outfitters £16!!! we so need to hurry & get a primark!

    Hope you all good xx

  17. Wow serious serious super buys! I adore the cardie the detail is sweet:)

    prettyneons X

  18. Those shoes are AMAZING!!
    And I love all your buys, especially the headband.

    X x

  19. LOVE your buys! The polka dot dress, the lace vest, the necklace and the headband are lush. Your KG shoes are sooo pretty! Sling backs can be pretty unsteady so I've got fingers crossed that mine don't cause me to fall flat on my face.

  20. oh wow they are so glam!! love it!



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