Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Glamourous Blog Award

I've been nominated for the Glamorous Blog Award by Pippa at Clashing Time. Thank you so much! Everyone should take a look at her blog, she is totally gorgeous.

To accept the award you need to list 10 things readers don't know about you and then 10 of your glamorous items.

10 things you don't know about me
1.I'm not sporty at all, but i do love Aerobics and Dance
2.I'm constantly drinking water
3.I love cheese
4.I'm a total magpie, always attracted to sparkle and sequins
5.I have 3 dogs
6.I love to cook
7.I'm a total flirt, i can't help it, i just flirt with everyone. Its not a matter of fancying the person its just my personality
8.I'm 5ft but always go for tall men
9.I hate going to the hairdressers
10.I prefer baths rather then showers
My 10 glamorous items
1. Wearing pearl necklaces
2. Using this vintage bag
3. This dress always makes me feel glam

4. Drinking champagne

5. My navy blue or bottle green sequin dresses for a night out.
6. My glittery topshop shoes

7. False eyelashes
8. Wearing my Chanel NO.5
9. Black or navy glossy nail polishes from Barry M
10. My Chanel make up, the compacts are so luxurious and i always feel a little special using them


  1. Congratulations on the award! I really love your sparkly shoes and the bag :)

  2. I love those glittery topshop shoes!!!

  3. Those shoes and dress are gorgeous! XO

  4. Those shoes look gorgeous! Never saw those in any of my local Topshops otherwise those babies would have been mine!! xox

  5. Love the award, Marilyn, yay :). And those Topshop shoes are STUNNING!


  6. Hi Emma,

    love this post... a little bit about you...

    See you soon honey!

  7. I love that dress, where's it from?! xx

  8. Congratulations :)

    I love the dress and shoes - I need me some sparkly shoes!


  9. Thank you everyone! The shoes are my party time shoes! Tab the dress is from....................Asda! but i've had it a while now x

  10. Gorgeous shoes - like Dorothy's but much, much sexier! :)

  11. Excellent answers, I LOVE those shoes! x


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