Sunday, 17 January 2010

What i'll be wearing in Spring and Summer

Now that the snows finally cleared, my though have turned to what i'll be rocking when the sun comes out. A few things have come to mind.
Nautical is always in, breton tee's and cute accessories, its a pretty timeless look. I already have nautical bits which i can bring back out this year.
ASOS tee, Topshop earrings and pin
Lace is my current favourite fabric, i have alot of black lace bits and my gorgeous nude lace dress from Topshop waiting to be worn.
ASOS dress, Miss Selfridge body and socks
Nude colours for clothes and pastels for accessories, i love the nude trend. Pastels don't tend to suit me too well so i'll stick to touches in outfits.
Eyeko nail polish, Kurt Geiger shoes
Cute prints meaning anything from florals or bows. I can't wait to get out my summery tops and dresses out especially my teapot print dress. I also have a cute gingham top on the way from ebay.
Topshop dress and tee
Quirky accessories, funky shoes, hair accessories and cute jewellery. I have some fab unsual jewellery that i hardly wear. I'm also coveting the pin below.
Topshop pin
Are you thinking about the Spring yet? What will you be wearing?


  1. Lace definitely all the way :D
    Love it!
    Great post. <3

  2. Your nude TS lace dress is gorgeous! I like this cream and black one you have posted too. Strangely enough, I am looking forward to pastel-y floral dresses.

  3. I love nautical! You are right it's always in. I can't wait (if I ever go to the UK) I'm going to shop at all these lovely stores you shop at!

  4. I love pastels and I love the nude thats about at the moment.

    I want some Breton stripes too.


  5. i love nudes and floaty tea dresses, although ive finally built up a good winter, itll be a little sad to have to retire it!
    Thats the thing about s/s clothes, you can make them work in winter with lots of layers, but a thick cosy jumper in the midst of summer? not so cool! xx

  6. Great preview Em! I'm loving so many of the trends you've picked out - especially the prints (of course!) and cute accessories. Pastels aren't for me either so I'll be doing the same! x

  7. I love anything lacy especially in nude colours. And I always like nautical things when they come back into fashion. It's such an easy trend to follow. Great post. x

  8. I LOVE the lace socks :) gorgeous!!
    great post! I can't wait till I can wear spring/summer clothes

  9. Gave you an award :) <3

  10. As soon as we hit March, I'm throwing on as much lace as possible! I love it at the moment, especially in nude colours. Love everything you've picked out, too!

  11. love all this - i'm a massive lace addict too! i have a nude lace dress from topshop too, so we may have the same one!

    ♥ Hannah



  12. loving that asos lace dress xxx

  13. Wowwee love it, I'm not really a fan of the nauticals comign back in, except for Breton tops of course! :) ♥

  14. Lovely post - so looking forward to wearing Spring clothes! I'm loving nautical - you're right it never goes out! I want those Topshop earings! xx


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