Thursday, 21 January 2010

Mini ASOS order

I placed an order about 3 weeks ago now but have only got just the photos up. I did also order a skirt but i've had to send that back as its hideous!
I got Eyeko Lilac nail polish, Eyeko Creamy Cupcake Lipbalm and Illamasqua Cream Eyeshadow in Amorous
Its actually my first Illmasqua producst and i love it. The colour is a dirty lilac/grey. Watch out for a face of the day soon.
Also got some over the knee bow socks, sooo good in the current cold weather
So a tiny order but i'm happy with it!

Funnily enough Pippa at Clashing Time is having a giveaway for an ASOS voucher, see here.
Today has been a good day until i got home and found out that my 8 year old niece is being bullied at school, i wish i lived closer :(


  1. nice buys!! and time to teach the little guy some boxing moves! (jk) LOL

  2. I love ASOS - my Save for Later list is horrendously long! Gorgeous socks, too.

  3. I really have to start purchasing from this ASOS. One my besties lives in Switzerland and she told me about the site.
    That sucks about your niece too...bullies suck.

  4. Love the mini-haul, super-cute! But terrible about the bullies - I was bullied at school so know how it feels. I hope it's dealt with swiftly and sharply. My heart goes out for her in the mean time x

  5. Looking forward to your FOTD! Feel bad for your poor niece! How old is she?

  6. Sorry to hear about your niece, it's no comfort to her at the moment but she'll look back and think why did I ever care what those idiots thought.

    Love the socks! and can't wait for the FOTD.

    X x

  7. Gorgeous eye shadow.
    Sorry to hear about your neice!

  8. I really want to try Illamasqua. Must get saving.

    Your poor niece :(

  9. oh the knee socks with bows are delightful, great picks


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