Sunday, 24 January 2010

Look what i won!

If i'm bored i can always rely on ebay to help me out, i can easily spend a couple of hours on there just looking at random things.
Last week i won this top(pic stolen from seller) for 99p. I actually forgot that i bid on this and logged in to find a message asking for my payment. Ooooops, anyway it was paid and is on its way, i actually already have this top with a heart print, its soo lightweight, perfect for hot days.

Have you won anything recently?

Has everyone had a good weekend? Mines been unexciting really, i had to spend ages at the vets with 2 of the dogs to have their jabs and have also been on some nice long walkies. I'm going to town today to take back a dress which fell apart on first wear and maybe buy something pretty to replace it xxx


  1. Aw, poor doggies having to get jabs! Hope they were brave.

    Such a cute top, and what an absolute bargain for 99p! It'll be so great for summer. My favourite eBay win in recent weeks was the leopard print faux fur jacket - it wasn't particularly cheap at £24 but compared to previous prices it was a steal! And I love it. :)

  2. the top is adorable! i love gingham!

    Similar to Jen, I bought a fifties fur coat for £20 including postage! It doesnt fit unfortunately, but itx perfect as a blacket to snuggle under on cold evenings!

  3. What a pretty top and a great buy!
    Hope we get some sunshine this summer.

  4. Ooh love it. I have bought a jumper recently for £2, waiting for it to arrive x

  5. Hi sweetie!
    Thank you for stopping by at my blog:) Im in mood for lipsticks:) too! I love this little pink item so cute!!!

  6. I love that top hun, it's so pretty! x

  7. I do the same on eBay too whenever I'm bored and no doubt I find something. The top is so cute.

  8. that's so pretty!
    I won a coach voucher a couple of weeks ago:)

  9. Very pretty! Perfect for channeling Christopher Kane gingham chic, and for 99p clearly you're a girl with an eye for a bargain!

    Love the blog!

  10. Cute top, planning for summer already I like it!! :)

    Hope the dogs are alright, my two hate jab day!

  11. Great buy, I need to find a bargain like that! Better start browsing ebay USA more...


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