Monday, 11 January 2010

Floral dresses and funky boots

I loved my outfit for work today, it kept me lovely and warm too which is a bonus in this weather.
Black floral dress-Primark, Black tee under dress-Primark, Black cardi-La Redoute, Cream lace tights- Accessorise, Black thigh boots- La Redoute with some knee high socks underneath
Old photo with a closer view of the dress
My cream lacey tights, i'm in love with these, you could only see them when i was walking because of the boots.

I'm currently living on Aero Hot Chocolate which is super frothy with marshmallows melting on top, soo bad for me but sooo good
Whats keeping you warm at the moment?


  1. OK that looks like the best hot choc ever!
    I have that dress too, it jumped out at me, it needed a home so now it has one. My wardrobe hehe.

    prettyneons X

  2. I love that dress its so pretty, the outfit is really nice.


  3. you look lovely. Loving those cream lace tights!
    Claudia xxx

  4. Love your dress...... :)

    when i went to primark i saw nowt :(

    Gimee your hot choc lol ;) x

  5. Ok, youve officially made me desperate for hot chocolate!
    I love those tights xx

  6. Oh I always do love that dress on you! It didn't suit me :(

    Love the way you've styled it for winter too x

  7. Pretty dress, and I love the tights!
    and that hot choc looks AMAZING!

    x x

  8. I had that lovely dress, how sad that it didn't look half as good on me and therefore had to be sold. I lurve your cream tights, I think I need some too.

    Your hot chocolate is literally making my mouth water. Mmmmm. x

  9. Knee high socks are keeping me warm! And a most unfashionable faux Burberry print blanket. Oh, the shame!

    Love the dress and boots combination. So great for this time of year!

  10. the dress is lovely! me + florals= eternal love

    mmmm hot chocolate, its the only thing i ever feel like drinking anymore!

  11. Cute dress! I'm trying to keep cool not warm... I can't WAIT for winter!

  12. I love this outfit, especially the cream tights!

  13. Ooooo love the lace and the marshmellows :D <3

  14. Your hot chocolate is so tempting and so inviting. YUM!

  15. So off to make a hot chocolate now!


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