Saturday, 2 January 2010

New years eve outfit

I've not seen too many people posting new years outfits, so i thought i'd do one as i already took the photos. As far as i can remember it was a good night but i drank far more then i intended meaning i had the most humungous hangover, sambuca was my friend that night!
Navy blue sequin dress-Internationale, total bargain! Black over the knee boots-La Redoute, Black over the knee socks-Pretty Polly(worn underneath)
Fabulous false lashes made by Girls with Attitude, these are the best lashes i've found

I hope you all had fabulous nights xx


  1. Nice outfit and your make up looks great xx

  2. Gorgeous as always! Hope you had an amazing night. xx

  3. gorgeous outfit and makeup! I would share my outfit, but seen one pair of PJs and you've seen them all ;)

    congrats on your nephew too!

  4. Great outfit as always!
    Love the lashes too- might have to try those


  5. love this - you look lovely :)

    laura jaye xox

  6. I LOVE the navy sequin dress. I wore a pink one, but I would have loved the option of navy blue. Hope you've fully recovered.

  7. HA loved your comment just then :)
    Its okay, although I was working! So if you had been in Cambridge then that comment would have made sense :)
    GORGEOUS lashes and eye makeup :) <3

  8. Awesome outfit! You look fantastic! x

  9. Love this outfit! and your hair & make up look great!
    Glad you had a fun night, boo on the hangover!!

    X x


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