Monday, 4 January 2010

Body Shop order

I wanted to buy The Body Shops Banana shampp and Conditioner thats recently come out as i remember using it when i was little and how gorgeous the smell was. As i actually hate going into the stores(pushy, rude staff) i ordered online and added a few extra bits.
So we have Banana Shampoo and Conditioner, Raspberry Body Butter, Vanilla and Nutmeg Body Butter, Passion Fruit Body Butter and I Love The Body Shop Bag.
It came super fast so thumbs up for that and all of it smells divine! xx
What are the products you love from The Body Shop?


  1. nice goodies- I love the vanilla nutmeg :)

  2. I loveee anything banana, never tried that, i sense a body shop trip coming on!! xx

  3. I'm down to my last bit of cocoa butter body butter - sad! I have loads of S&G stuff though so determined not to spend any more.

    Great haul!

  4. I love the body shop - everything smells divine! I can't survive without my massive tubs of cocoa butter! xx

  5. I'm a big fan of anything coconut body shop- my bf's parents got me the body wash and shimmer body butter for Xmas, they're lush! :-) x

  6. Banana S&C oh i will defo be buying this x


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