Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Whats in my bag today?

I've not done one of these in agggggggggges, hopefully it will encourage some others to do it too as i love to have a nose.
The bag i'm using is a large Topshop quilted bag which i got for Christmas.
Luckily its a new bag so i don't have too much crap being carted about in it at the moment.
2010 shoe diary-Paperchase, Pen- Paperchase, Hello Kitty Post Its
Peweter leather purse-Accessorise with very little money in, Chewing gum, LG Viewty phone, Ipod with pink headphones
Cute printed tissues-Topshop, Chanel Foundation compact, Mac Black Russian Eyeliner, Mac Hello Kitty Lipgloss, Body Shop Lip butter, Ice cream lip balm, Benefit Bo-ing concealer, hairpins!
God its quite alot in that bag really!!
Show us whats in your bag!


  1. great post i love looking in peoples bags im so nosey! xx

  2. ha my weekday bag has nohing but textbooks and paper in.
    nothing very fun.
    i shall do a weekend one i think


  3. How cute! I love that quilted purse, very chanel-like.

  4. Love that you have three lip balms in your bag - just like me! Your bag is so pretty and your Chanel compact is to die for. :)

  5. Im so overdue one of these posts! I love the diary :) And everything else you have. I always carry way too much stuff... must get smaller bags so I can carry less!!
    Emma :) x

  6. I LOVE your bag! I always see other people do this as a post... I think it's a great idea. you'll get to snoop in my bag soon. I love hello kitty.

  7. ahh the chanel :D i might do one of these soon, but will definitely have to clear out all of the rubbish first! :s My bag is like a portable waste-paper basket.

    great bag too!

  8. cute post! its always fun to see what people carry around in their bags! I just did a post of things that I would leave behind in my bags and forgotten about when I switch between them!
    come stop by :)


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  10. How did you get all that in that bag? lol

    I love your purse.

    I always have hair grips too, they end up all over the house lol.

    Great post, I may do a post like this later! xx

  11. I love that bag!
    I think I will do one of these as my next post...x

  12. I love your bag - it fits so much in it! Love this post, I'm definitely going to do one at some point! xx


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