Monday, 30 November 2009

Rupunzel no more

Well i'm back from my weekend away, a good time was had but more about that later. The big news is............................... you guessed it, i got my waist length hair cut to my shoulders. About 10-12 inches cut off. I got it done Thursday, so i'm getting used to it now! Oh and i got a fringe too!
My dad is now insisting on calling me Lily after this lady and weirdly a couple of randoms over the weekend said the same thing. It must be the fringe!
What do you think? x

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Emma;s Big Weekend

The weekend starts here! I've been looking forward to this weekend for ages, me and my 3 bestest friends are going to Butlins for a long weekend of partying. The theme for the weekend is Skool reunion and i'm going to be seeing 911, Chesney Hawkes, Sash, Bucks Fizz, Dreem Team, The Honeyz, Sinitta and some others. We went last year and it was brilliant so i can't wait to go again.
I'm off today so will be going shopping for some bits, staying at a friends and then on Friday we head off. Back to my friends Monday for a night out in our local town then sleeping all day Tuesday. Heres a couple of photos from last year.
Me and a random Ninja Turtle, i don't usually dress this way, its fancy dress!
Me and Bob became very friendly that weekend, can't wait to see him again
What are you upto this weekend? xxxxx

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Its up!!

Just a quick link to my post on the Dorothy Perkins blog, click me!
If you go onto the home page you can also enter to win a years worth of shoes!!!!!!

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

The eyes have it

I realised that i don't tend to post much about my make up on here, despite the fact that i love it and own quite alot. So i thought i'd maybe do a few posts over the next few weeks showing my stash.
First up i thought i'd do eyeliners. Its my night out essential as you can see in the classy photo taken in the toilets in some bar. Does anyone else do weird mouth things when applying make up? Anyway on to my actual stash i realised that i have 26 pencil liners(well i do have more but i couldn't find them. Here are the black ones, my faves are Urban Decay Zero and Mac pearlglide in Black Russian.
Plus 17 coloured liners. My faves here are Urban Decay Covet(top one) and Boujois Bleu clinquant(10th down) because they are such vibrant gorgeous colours.
I am so rubbish at liquid liners so i only really have the glitter ones, i have 11 of these but i am going to be purchasing more of the fab Glam Crytals.
So including the ones i can think of that aren't pictured , i have around 40 liners(and i may have some in the post to me, ahem). Bit of an addiction i think. Are there any other liner addicts out there? Anyone?! xxx

Monday, 23 November 2009

Happy Mondays

Happy Monday everyone! I'm in a very good mood for a Monday as i'm only working for 3 days this week. I've nothing overly exciting to report today and i totally forgot to take an outfit picture but i did wear these babies today.
Also i thought i'd show you this cute vintage belt i found in my mums wardrobe. Its 2 rows of tiny pearls, sorry about the photo i chucked it on over my outfit last night so you can see it properly!

I love pearls so i'm chuffed with this!
I've seen a few pearl belts around recently like the one from ASOS below.

Hope you all had a good start to the week xxx

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Sunday haulage

I went to my local shopping centre today, my god it was so so busy, took ages to find parking and full of people with huge carrier bags bashing you as they went past.
I took back the purple sequin dress i got a couple of weeks ago, although i love it, theres something not quite right about it and i knew i wouldn't end up wearing it. The girl who did my refund put it by so she could buy it for herself as she didn't know they did it in purple and loved it, so its gone to a good home.
I had a good mooch round, theres lots of lovely bits in Zara and loads of gorgeous things in Topshop as usual. I didn't went to spend too much though as i'm going away next weekend. I did get Christmas cards and little stocking fillers for people.
For myself i got some lovely ankle boots, i'm in love with these!! Excuse my unpainted toenails, they're on my to do list.
We need to clean the mirror!
This studded belt chucked on my current outfit so you can see it properly. Then in Boots i got 3 pairs of false lashes for next weekend, some normal thick ones, some with purple and some that glow under UV light, i hope i can get a pic of them glowing!! I also got my fave hair mask, Boots Ingrediants Coconut and Almond, smells soo good.
I've also placed a small ASOS order using the new super saver delivery will post when it arrives. Also some bits from Eyeko, does anyone know how long their delivery takes?

What have you been buying? x

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Exciting news

This week i got an email from the lovely Jess from Dorothy Perkins asking if i would like to be a guest blogger on their rather fabulous style blog.

They are currently featuring bloggers from around the world who are writing on the theme Going Out/Staying in. You should read the entries on there so far, they are fab with links to some great blogs.

I was asked to send a short piece on the theme and of course i said yes. I've had an email back saying my piece will be online on Wednesday so i'll post the link on here when its up. It was really nice to be asked to do this especially by a shop i tend to visit alot!!

Friday, 20 November 2009

Winter florals outfit

I love florals for winter and was looking for winter dresses so when i found this in Asda at the weekend i was happy happy happy. I wore it for work this week so here you go.
Floral dress-Asda- Black opaques. Please ignore my sexy owl print socks, they were not on show!!!
As they were hiding under my Topshop boots

I think this purple bow belt from Primark goes really well

I'm currently sporting Barry M nail polish in Mint Green

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Green Velvet

For work today i went for a chuck it all on look!
Bottle green velvet dress-Vintage, Black cardigan-La Redoute, Black opaques. You can just see my sequin beret in this pic-Topshop

Black boots-Topshop
Gold bangles piled high-All sorts of places, Gold articulated owl necklace-Accessorize
Thanks to my jewellery i jangled all day and sounded like Christmas!

What did you wear today? x

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Tag-I hit pan!

The lovely LionLovingTiger has tagged me to do this and its such a good idea for a tag.
Basically you have to list 6 items that you have hit pan or finished off and that you already have or are going to rebuy. This can be any beauty product.
1. Boot essentials cleansing wipes, i usually use the blue fragrance free pack but theres no pictures of these online! I use these every day they are dirt cheap and brilliant. 2. Mac Pearlglide Eyeliner in Black Russian. This is the best eyeliner i have(apart from Urban Decays Zero) its a gorgeous black with navy glitter in and is super soft and easy to use. 3. Nina by Nina Ricci perfume, i love love love this, its so feminine and i love the bottle too.
4. N-spa vanilla creme brulee body cream, this smells divine and makes your skin feel amazing, even better its only £2 at Asda right now.
5. Lush solid shampoo bars. I got my first one of these(Ultimate Shine) in the freshers pack a couple of months ago and have been using it ever since, its amazing. I'm going to stock up on the others too. 6. Benefit boi-ing concealer. I love this product too, it really works for me and i got a new one about 10 days ago, the cute packaging is a bonus too! I'm meant to tag 6 people to do this but i'm cheating and i tag EVERYONE!

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Lady in red

Just a quick outfit post, i wore this to work today, sorry for the creasedness i took the photos when i came home!
The first time i wore this dress i didn't realise it had ridden up at the back exposing my pants to everyone as i walked to work. shameful!
Red dress-Zara, black vest underneath-H&M, black opaques
Purple bow courts- Marks and Spencer
Where did the dust on my tights come from?!!!

Sunday, 15 November 2009

To wear or not to wear... that is the question

I got these Emilio Cavallini tight ages ago from ASOS and never even took them out of the packet until i came across them today and thought i would try them on. They are really nice and thick which i like and they are really cute but very attention grabbing. I'm not sure if i should wear them out or not though? And what on earth to wear them with?

Topshop are currently selling these ones but they aren't as thick and because they are mostly black they don't seem as bold. Hmmmm i'm torn.

Nail of the day and a couple of buys

I don't often to Nail of the Day but i love this colour so i thought i'd post it. The polish is Rimmel 60 seconds polish in Green With Envy. I have to say i never really look at the Rimmel stands but this polish is fab, it applies smoothly and lasts for ages. I popped to Asda this weekend and picked up this dress/blouse/tunic. I've been looking for wintery florals and this will be cute with leggings and boots i think.
I couldn't resist this cute headband with sequin bow, so cute!

Have a fab Snnday everyone xxxxxxxx

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Blog award

Thank you to the lovely Lisa-Jane who gave me this blog award.

To accept the award, i need to tell you 7 interesting things about myself and then tag 7 others, so here goes!!

1. I am book crazy, i find it really hard to resist buying more even though i have loads. I mostly go for girly books but i also like historical books and some scary ones.

2. I'm not a morning person, i get up at the last possible moment and usually prepare my clothes the night before so i can have 5 extra minutes in bed and i don't even have time for breakfast even though i know its an important meal. I don't really wake up until about 11am.

3. My first name means whole or complete and my middle name means God has given. This site gives a slightly different meaning, Emma means gullible and easily swayed by a good looker, so true!

4. My birthday is on December 20th and i'm going to be 26. Thats scary, i still feel about 16.

5. I studied at college and uni to work with children aged 0-8. I adore little ones and hope to get back to working with them at some point as theres nothing more satisfying then seeing them absorb things like a sponge and become their own people. I'm one of those people in the shops who always coo's over peoples babies and toddlers. One day i plan to have my own brood. The only problem is i tend to get treated as a babysitter at family parties!

6. I know its shallow but i love my celeb gossip, i like to keep uptodate!

7. I spend far too much time grooming myself.

The people i tag are................

Geeky weirdo chick

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Daisy Bee Beauty

Tabithas Wonderland

Butterfly Wings

Cupcakes with cherries


Ins and Outs

My new laptop!
Being able to wear my hats, i have loads so its nice to be able to wear them. Texas BBQ Pringles
Getting excited about my trip to Butlins woo!
Getting through my pile of books to read.


The constant rain, its alright when you're inside but a pain if you have to go out.
Being kind of broke, buying a laptop took a big chunk out of my money and i'm trying to save for my Butlins trip and Christmas.
My dull boring job.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Bonfire face and haulage

Hello!! My laptop came and its fabby, i'm currently in the process of transferring all my music over, its going to take a while.
Firstly i'd like to show my earmuffs, you can't really see but they are leopard print and very fluffy, i wore them bonfire night.
Heres a very bad firework photo, i have good ones on my phone but i can't work out how to get them onto my laptop yet!!
On Sunday i went to Meadowhall with my mum to get some presents for someone we know who is having twins. We got those but i also treated myself too.

Primark had some really nice jewellery in, i got these 2 vintagey brooches and some earrings, i always break these style earrings so i love being able to get them so cheaply!
I also got this in Dorothy Perkins
I needed some new flats for walking to work and these fit the bill perfectly.
I also picked up some much needed concealer, Benefit Boi-ing in the lightest shade despite the annoying woman at the counter insisting i needed the next shade up, seriously it was orange on me.
I grabbed this Barbie blush from New Look, its so cute and a really bright pink.
Then my buy of the day is this Cadbury Purple sequin dress, i really didn't need this but its such a gorgeous colour on and i'm such a magpie. I love that its not low cut but that it has the cute bow detail on the back.
I'm going to catch up on everyones blogs tonight x