Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Bonfire face and haulage

Hello!! My laptop came and its fabby, i'm currently in the process of transferring all my music over, its going to take a while.
Firstly i'd like to show my earmuffs, you can't really see but they are leopard print and very fluffy, i wore them bonfire night.
Heres a very bad firework photo, i have good ones on my phone but i can't work out how to get them onto my laptop yet!!
On Sunday i went to Meadowhall with my mum to get some presents for someone we know who is having twins. We got those but i also treated myself too.

Primark had some really nice jewellery in, i got these 2 vintagey brooches and some earrings, i always break these style earrings so i love being able to get them so cheaply!
I also got this in Dorothy Perkins
I needed some new flats for walking to work and these fit the bill perfectly.
I also picked up some much needed concealer, Benefit Boi-ing in the lightest shade despite the annoying woman at the counter insisting i needed the next shade up, seriously it was orange on me.
I grabbed this Barbie blush from New Look, its so cute and a really bright pink.
Then my buy of the day is this Cadbury Purple sequin dress, i really didn't need this but its such a gorgeous colour on and i'm such a magpie. I love that its not low cut but that it has the cute bow detail on the back.
I'm going to catch up on everyones blogs tonight x


  1. aww you look so cute x

    I love those shoes esp the red ones I am going to have a look for those and I love your purple dress x

  2. I always get earache in winter and was thinking about getting some earmuffs, i just wonder if id feel a little silly.. hmmm, i really want to try the barbie make up, is it any good?
    Love the last dress! xx

  3. Wow! Love the dress, wanty wanty :D

  4. All those buys are so pretty, I love the jewellery from primark haha :) ♥

  5. Everything you bought was really nice. The flats are really cute! When and if I ever go to the UK and I am going to this Primark store. It has so many awesome things.

  6. They did that to me too! i went in for bo-ing and came out with erase paste in shade 2. I'm ghostly white!! i can make it work if i blend and use a good bronzer lol

  7. lovely primark bits, i havent seen that barbie make up before.xx

  8. Great buys hon. I so miss having the internet at home to just trawl through blogs and shops! xx

  9. your so pretty :)

    I was lusting after primark jewellery yesterday, so much good stuff right now

  10. haha love the barbie cover for the makeup. very cute.

  11. Hey sweetie, thanks for the lovely comment you left on my blog :)

    omggggg I'm in LOVE with those ear muffs? Where are they from? I need a pair asap! lol x

    And that barbie blush is adorable! Would make such a cute xmas prezzie... I might go to new look and pick some up!

    ♥ Hannah


    PS: please enter the £50 ASOS voucher giveaway on my blog if you haven't already - the last day for entries is tomorrow! click here :)


  12. Aw you look adorable and suitably wrapped up for winter - good girl ;)
    Love the earmuffs.

    Have tagged you on my blog.


  13. I have a little somthing for you on my blog xx


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