Friday, 20 November 2009

Winter florals outfit

I love florals for winter and was looking for winter dresses so when i found this in Asda at the weekend i was happy happy happy. I wore it for work this week so here you go.
Floral dress-Asda- Black opaques. Please ignore my sexy owl print socks, they were not on show!!!
As they were hiding under my Topshop boots

I think this purple bow belt from Primark goes really well

I'm currently sporting Barry M nail polish in Mint Green


  1. Gorgeous outfit as usual, it makes your knockers look gigantic!! xx

  2. Hahahaha to Tabitha's comment! You always have such good style. And I want your boots so bad! And no you shouldn't be jealous of this weather it's going to be 42 degree's again!!!! ARGH!

  3. swit swoo in the office girl

    Im wearing the very same varnish on the nails too ;)

    Hope you have a great weekend.. xx

  4. Cute outfit :). I have those owl Topshop socks too hehe x

  5. i love the dress, will look for it in asda! x

  6. This is my new favourite blog :)

  7. Tabitha your comment made me laugh hard! Thanks for the lovely comments everyone x

  8. Dress looks great and your boobs are sooooo big they rival mine and I thought mine were big lol.

    I bet the guys love you! Very sexy Emma



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