Sunday, 22 November 2009

Sunday haulage

I went to my local shopping centre today, my god it was so so busy, took ages to find parking and full of people with huge carrier bags bashing you as they went past.
I took back the purple sequin dress i got a couple of weeks ago, although i love it, theres something not quite right about it and i knew i wouldn't end up wearing it. The girl who did my refund put it by so she could buy it for herself as she didn't know they did it in purple and loved it, so its gone to a good home.
I had a good mooch round, theres lots of lovely bits in Zara and loads of gorgeous things in Topshop as usual. I didn't went to spend too much though as i'm going away next weekend. I did get Christmas cards and little stocking fillers for people.
For myself i got some lovely ankle boots, i'm in love with these!! Excuse my unpainted toenails, they're on my to do list.
We need to clean the mirror!
This studded belt chucked on my current outfit so you can see it properly. Then in Boots i got 3 pairs of false lashes for next weekend, some normal thick ones, some with purple and some that glow under UV light, i hope i can get a pic of them glowing!! I also got my fave hair mask, Boots Ingrediants Coconut and Almond, smells soo good.
I've also placed a small ASOS order using the new super saver delivery will post when it arrives. Also some bits from Eyeko, does anyone know how long their delivery takes?

What have you been buying? x


  1. I LOVE your shoes! They are gorgeous! & I love that hair mask too!

  2. Those boots are sick! (As in good) xxx

  3. GORGEOUS shoe boots - oh, I love them!

    Sunday shopping is just the best. My payday is Wednesday... I wonder if I can wait 'til Sunday? Hmmm. Maybe not! :)


  4. I love what you bought yourself! :) Those are some awesome looking boots!!

  5. those shoes are so cute. and i've been trying not to buy lately. i've been saving up for the after thanksgiving sale! :)

  6. i love those boots, am going to do an asos order myself when i get paid at the end of the wk. i get the cheapest delivery on eyeko which is royal mail 1st class, can be a bit hit and miss! x


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