Sunday, 1 November 2009

Bargain buys

I've bagged myself some fab bargains this week, yay!!
Firstly at the Wear it Pink day on Friday i bagged myself these 5 books for 50p each! I have so many books to read its unreal but i can't resist buying more!
I've also been to Asda this weekend, i haven't been for a while and forgot how fab George is.
Firstly i got myself this sexy underwear set, i love the sequins on them.
I also picked up this bra and these cute knickers. Its fab that Asda bras go upto a G cup as i'm between an F and a G but the G cup only starts in a 36 back size which is too big for me :(
Now these won't be to everyones taste but i love them and they look fab on, much better then you would think. Also i had to buy them as they were only £1 yes £1 each!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the frill detail and the bows on the back.
I love a bargain!
I also tried on a gorgeous coat which i might have to go back and get.
Do you like George clothes? Any other bargain hunters out there?


  1. I Loveeee george underwear, they make such good bras and knickers, and so cheap!! xx

  2. Fab bargains on the dresses. I don't shop at George as their clothes don't fit me properly boo hoo.

    Love the new Blog Layout xx

  3. £1 each wow. Pretty undies very sexy xx

  4. Your blog is awesome! And your style is so unique. I will be following! Check out my blog - it's and I am selling variety of vintage and new clothes. Follow my blog as well if you would like to keep updated when the latest clothes are for sale! Lola x

  5. Hi hun, i've tagged you on my blog xx

  6. Oh man I love the underwear and dresses. I can never find nice underwear that fits my absurdly small chest, unless its kids :(

    I can never resist bargain books either!

  7. Hey missy I have an award for you on my blog! xoxo :)

  8. £1 wow! Well done on the bargains!! x

  9. £1!! Wow, great! Which Asda did you go to? I always think my local is a bit rubbish xx

  10. Thanks everyone! Carla i went to the one in Wakefield its pretty good, they had loads in x


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