Saturday, 7 November 2009

Todays outfit

I thought i'd post my work outfit, i should be in bed as i'm exhausted but i can't sleep.
We'll start with the shoes

Red studded heels- Topshop
Kind of cheesily paired with my ruby slipper necklace- ASOS
Finally onto the clothes. Black lace dress- La Redoute, Red cardi with satin puff sleeves-Jasmine Guiness, Black opaques
Have you got exciting weekend planned? I'm not sure what i'm doing apart from going to a huge bonfire tomorrow night. Lets hope it doesn't rain! x


  1. Your shoes are so cute! I'm sewing and creating all weekend, when my friends are out partying in another state :(

  2. Love this outfit, the red & black works well together!

    The lace dress is gorgeous! I have been looking for one forever!

    <3 xox

  3. I love it!, have fun at the bonfire xx

  4. Love this,
    the shoes are gorgeous!

  5. Hi there cool studded red heels.Wondered if you would like to exchange blog links with me? Sharonxxxoo

  6. Love the necklace hon, hope you had a good weekend xxxx


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