Tuesday, 24 November 2009

The eyes have it

I realised that i don't tend to post much about my make up on here, despite the fact that i love it and own quite alot. So i thought i'd maybe do a few posts over the next few weeks showing my stash.
First up i thought i'd do eyeliners. Its my night out essential as you can see in the classy photo taken in the toilets in some bar. Does anyone else do weird mouth things when applying make up? Anyway on to my actual stash i realised that i have 26 pencil liners(well i do have more but i couldn't find them. Here are the black ones, my faves are Urban Decay Zero and Mac pearlglide in Black Russian.
Plus 17 coloured liners. My faves here are Urban Decay Covet(top one) and Boujois Bleu clinquant(10th down) because they are such vibrant gorgeous colours.
I am so rubbish at liquid liners so i only really have the glitter ones, i have 11 of these but i am going to be purchasing more of the fab Glam Crytals.
So including the ones i can think of that aren't pictured , i have around 40 liners(and i may have some in the post to me, ahem). Bit of an addiction i think. Are there any other liner addicts out there? Anyone?! xxx


  1. Wow great collection!
    I have just come to realise that i am so boring with eyeliners and dont own any colour or glittery ones and only have black or brown pencils!
    I definitely need to experiment more!


  2. That is some collection! I think most of these beauty blog girls would die if they saw my make up collection. I can't even put eyeliner on... hence why I don't wear contact lenses.

  3. I do the weird mouth things!! haha
    your hair looks a gorgeous colour in that pic!! xx

  4. I have to get some of the Urban Decay pencils for sure! Great collection xx

  5. finally someone with an eyeliner collection like mine!

  6. Hi sweetie for a comment:)
    my asos order came in today the skirts are perfect but the pumps too small so i am sening them back:( i just hope i can get size bigger:) xxx by the way if you ino eye pensa right now check out beauty uk stand in Superdrug they have new amazing jumbo pencils called metallic sparks. my fav is the blue one xxxxx

  7. Wow, amazing collection!! I don't have an extensive collection but I cannot leave the house until I've had a click of liquid eyeliner. Its my absolute essential!

  8. I love eyeliner! Although my collection is nowhere near as impressive as yours! That's a great stash you have there.

    For liquid liner, I always choose the felt tip style pens. Prestige do a really great one that's so easy to apply. :)

  9. ooh I am so jealous of your collection!! I tend to wear black every day, and then jazz it up with bright blues and greens at night!! :)

  10. Love your MAC collection! I can't wait to try some more things on my eyes.


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