Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Tag-I hit pan!

The lovely LionLovingTiger has tagged me to do this and its such a good idea for a tag.
Basically you have to list 6 items that you have hit pan or finished off and that you already have or are going to rebuy. This can be any beauty product.
1. Boot essentials cleansing wipes, i usually use the blue fragrance free pack but theres no pictures of these online! I use these every day they are dirt cheap and brilliant. 2. Mac Pearlglide Eyeliner in Black Russian. This is the best eyeliner i have(apart from Urban Decays Zero) its a gorgeous black with navy glitter in and is super soft and easy to use. 3. Nina by Nina Ricci perfume, i love love love this, its so feminine and i love the bottle too.
4. N-spa vanilla creme brulee body cream, this smells divine and makes your skin feel amazing, even better its only £2 at Asda right now.
5. Lush solid shampoo bars. I got my first one of these(Ultimate Shine) in the freshers pack a couple of months ago and have been using it ever since, its amazing. I'm going to stock up on the others too. 6. Benefit boi-ing concealer. I love this product too, it really works for me and i got a new one about 10 days ago, the cute packaging is a bonus too! I'm meant to tag 6 people to do this but i'm cheating and i tag EVERYONE!


  1. Great tag hun, Ive always been intrigued to try that benefit concealer!


  2. haha, nice tag! I've hit pan on a few of my often used items, and even when to the mall to go buy some more, but omg guess what?! Went to the mall, and bought a bunch of stuff, but nothing that I had originally gone there for! lol

  3. The coconut ice cream one of that n-spa cream is fabulous!! xx


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