Monday, 2 November 2009

Doing it Dorothy style

Can you believe The Wizard of Oz is 70 years old?
I grew up on this film and its full of magical memories of watching it with my whole family. Its my 37 year old brothers favourite film(shhh don't tell anyone!). The film is on Channel 5 this Sunday afternoon.
I think most little girls want some ruby slippers of their very own , i have my Red or Dead glitter shoes which i just adore and they are the ultimate party shoes.
If you want some Dorothy in your life there loads out there at the moment. Heres just a few bits.
Red Glitter Courts-New Look
Red Glitter Shoe Boots- ASOS
Red Glitter Pumps-ASOS
Red Glitter Converse-Schuh
Necklace-Tatty Devine
Necklace- ASOS
I'm slightly in love with the necklaces! x


  1. NOOOOOO WAY!!!!! 70 years old. Its one of my favourites I grew up with. I do love a sparkle.

  2. I'm a massive fan of red shoes too! That last necklace is particularly amazing - I want it! x

  3. The red glitter shoe necklace from ASOS is gorgeous! Love it!

    Great post

    <3 xox

  4. Hi Em, totally agree the two neclaces rock so chic, love the perspex one in particular.Would love a charm bracelet with all the icons from the film, think toto, slipper,tin can, lions head, hey perhaps I should make one!!! Sharon xxxooo

  5. I caved and ordered the ASOS necklace! Sharon your idea for the bracelet sounds amazing!! x

  6. lol @ your brothers favourite film I bet he does not tell his mates that!

    I love your red or dead red shoes they are lovely I have seen them on your blog before. I really love that pendant too. I want that, I am heading off to asos now xx

  7. Ooh I adore Oz and am slightly obsessed with ruby slippers. I had the loveliest pair from TS that were red suede with a glitter edge (the Moon pumps that were massive a couple of years back) and I loved them sooo much. Very tempted by the ASOS necklace myself! Thanks for posting this hon x

  8. I <3 the Tatty Devine necklace! It's lovely. x

  9. Love,ove this post!
    Thanks so much for your visit, as always.
    Come and check it out some rings I have posted, tell what do you think of them.

    See you soon.

  10. Your blog is so bad for my bank account, I'm totally lusting after all the shoes.

  11. I am so feeling those Converse! They'd go great with MAC Amorous Dazzlecreme at Xmas... x

  12. I love the Wizard of Oz!
    Love the selection of stuff you put in this post!


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