Thursday, 4 December 2008

This weekend

Last weekend was been a bit mad, i went away to Butlins with some friends, its the first time i've ever been anywhere like that and i actually had a brilliant time, it was an adults only weekend and there were lots of cheesy acts on like Right Said Fred and 911(anyone remember them?!!!) so it was basically a weekend of drinking far too much and dancing until our feet could stand no more. I wore my zip up vest dress with coloured opaques for 2 of the 3 nights and have to say it looked fab. The other nght was a school disco so we dressed in uniforms and i got to wear my sparkly shoes!

While there i totally lost my voice which still hasn't come back so i havent been able to go to work and i am SOO frustrated and fed up!

Last weekend was also when we could up our new puppy, but we ended up with 2. They are so gorgeous but it means we have 3 puppies to spoil now.


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