Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Poorly feet :(

I wore my new studded sandals to work on Tuesday and while i love them, my feet really don't. My feet were bleeding and in pain made worse by me soaking them! You have to suffer to be beautiful!


  1. oo nasty - are they the heels or the flats? I am having feet probs at the mo too - I have a crack / cut across my heel and I can't put my foot down properly I love shoes but they can be so evil at time :(

  2. awwh gutted hun , hope ya feet get better but i love them shoes lol

  3. Hi there-what a shame, they look lovely too!

  4. AHHH I wore these out last night. I thought I'd be good, I was literally going taxi-pub-taxi-home.
    Then I realised I had to walk to a cash point, as the pub didn't take cards.
    I've wore them before, with bright tights and they only hurt at the end of the night.
    but I love them, they're so great.


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