Friday, 26 June 2009

My finger slipped...

.... and accidently made me order the All Saints Mabelle dress. I've loved the dress for ages and i'm hoping it looks good on me.
Then my naughty fingers took me to the Miss Selfridge website and ordered this dress and earrings.
Then i popped into town after work today to get some face wipes and treated myself to two new lipsticks and two nail polishes.
Excuse my mucky nails- 17 lipstick in Marshmallow Whip(gorgeous pink when on) and Maybelline Watershine Lipstick in shade 111(sheer pink with lots of sparkle in).
17 clear polish and Sally Hansen Nail colour in Opal Truth(a gorgeous neutral)
Also treated myself to a box of smarties. Why do orange ones taste so good?!


  1. love the All Saint dress, v sexy x

  2. You've made me want smarties!

    Love All Saints- take photos wearing the dress when you get it! xxx

  3. I had that mabelle dress but had to sell it on ebay as I hate high necks and felt it was too high up the neck for's gorgeous though!

  4. I love that black dress, would love to see piccies of it on when it arrives!

  5. Hi there-the black dress is gorgeous and so is the Miss S one too, lucky you! Have a great weekend!

  6. Good shop miss! I'm looking forward to the photos

  7. Love the dress, nearly bought it myself a while ago. it'll look wicked on you....

    I love Smarties too!

  8. Love the allsaints dress. I'm off on a smarties hunt now


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