Sunday, 21 June 2009

I got an award!!!!

I am so excited, the fantabulous Girl with the Golden Touch has given me an award!
Its nice to know that people read my inane ramblings, i love coming on and seeing new comment or peoples new posts on their blog. I think it stems from being super nosey! Much as i'd love to pass the award on to every blogger out there i've settled on 5 people. Drum roll please.........
Lou Lou Land- one of my first followers, fab girl who has more beauty products then Boots!
Daisy Chain Dreams- i love her blog and she makes fantastic jewellery. Oh and she's ever so slightly gorgeous! fantastic hauls, need i say more!?
Desire is necessary to keep life in motion- i've not been reading this long but the posts always make me smile.
Geeky Weirdo Chick- shes having a rubbish time at the moment but i know she'll pull through it and still emerge gorgeous and well dressed.

Also would just like to say Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there, particularly my brilliant dad who i adore.


  1. Thanks hun, you've got an award from me too :)

    x x

  2. awww thankyou so much thats really nice. Im going to return the favour, when i work out how to, new to this ya see haha xxx


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