Sunday, 14 June 2009

Love this look

I love black in the summer, i think it can look both cool and classy.
Tamsin Egerton shows us exactly how to pull it off in this picture. I love her sunnies and flat pumps.
I'm going to attempt the look for work one day this week. Will post a photo!!
In other news i'm going on a date after work tomorrow. We were meant to go last week bu i had to cancel due to being poorly. I have no idea what to wear!


  1. Thanks! Best part is that they were only $20 at UO.

  2. Im addicted to summer black tooo :)

    Hope your date goes well!

  3. have a fabulous time on your date!!

  4. a date ooooh how exciting :)

    Hope all goes well, what to wear, what to wear hee hee xx

  5. Love that dress!! I pretty much think black works all the time!!!

  6. If the weather is ever nice where i live i might just try that look too! xoxox

  7. yeah that's what i was thinking about, kinda like a bandeau top :) might look quite nice


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