Sunday, 28 June 2009

Random mish mash post

Well its the end of another weekend, why do they go so fast?! Yesterday was spent at the vets and pet store sorting out my little bundles of joy and then last night i went out with the girls. Sadly i didn't have time to take any outfit or make up pics but i was wearing a pretty simple black dress with the following shoes from Topshop. It was sooo hot last night, i was not looking good!
The toyboy was out with his friends and i met up with them which was exciting as i've not really met them before. Mostly they were fab but there was a girl who really wound me up, she acted like the boy was her boyfriend, hands all over him and pulling him away from me to dance with her and acting all overfriendly with me. Girls like that really annoy me, its like shes marking her territory. It makes me feel so insecure but the boy was fab, he stayed with me and took me home at the end of the night. My friends seem to like him too, which is always good.
Today i've mostly been cleaning, sleeping and reading, not exactly exciting but i''m knackered after being out until 6am. Also i'm currently wearing these with socks to stop them hurting my feet.

On a more exciting note i've decided that when i get to 70 followers i'm going to do a giveaway!!! There isn't going to be any particular theme to it, just some random bits, so if anyone is reading this then get following!!

Only 5 more sleeps until next weekend x


  1. Awwwww what a cow pie of a girl eh?pfff to her, you got the boy to walk you home :) i like coz she will be gutted!

    Love the shoes too

    THANKS SO MUCH my my award Love it my luvly - glad you like my bolg & drunken photos i have some more coming your way xx

  2. Urgh can't stand girls like that! I've lost count of the no of times I've seen girls trying to flirt with my boyf in MAC and Sephora of all places as I'm busy browsing!

    Hands off bitches - he's mine!

    LOVE those TS shoes btw. They're fab!

  3. Lol @ Yinka 'hands off bitches!'

    Glad things are going well with him and thats good that he was staying by your side, girls like that are SO annoying!!

  4. Beautiful shoes! Good taste as usual. As for the girl, she needs to be put in line!! Though maybe once she see's he's serious about you she'll back off, one can only hope. xx

  5. Hello's my PC crashed (again) and I just spotted your comment, whoa an award how super thanks love, ---kiss, kiss (:

    Anywhos, I hate girlie's that are cheap and all so desperate! Hey, hey though who walked her home? No one HA! Good!
    You got the guy whoop, whoop!!!!!

    Love the shoes! ;)

    PeAce & BoWs...
    prettyneons X

  6. I love those second pair...YAY! Stunning is great!


  7. BIITCH!! We have the same shoes. I have these ones in cream, and I also have the black ones with a heel.
    Do these hurt?? I've been too ill to go out since I bought them so I am yet to wear them, the ones with heels KILL bare feet

  8. Miss DG they made my feet bleed!I didn't know they did them in cream too, i bet they're gorgeous x

  9. I've just posted a pic of them on my blog. I'm a bit scared of them now, I guess if the high heeled pair didn't make my feet bleed then I should be ok.
    I'll test them when I go back to work and let you know.


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