Sunday, 11 October 2009

10 weeks to go

Oh my god its only 10 weeks until Christmas! This thought has cheered me up immensely this weekend, i now realise the realise i felt so down the other day was due to coming down with a cold. I actually hate colds, you feel so rubbish but you're not properly ill.
Anyway back to Christmas, i've written my list on ideas of what to get people and actually went to Toys 'r' Us and got my first present, its a massive sit on aeroplane that makes all kinds of noises and lights up and does magical things. Don't worry its not for my dad(although he probably would find it endlessly amusing), its for my baby niece.

Only a million more presents to buy.
Has anyone else started shopping yet?

This week is going to be really busy so i won't be around much in the next few days, i'll be back in blogging mode later in the week though so expect comments and posts then x


  1. I haven't started Xmas shopping because it's birthday season for me right now so I'm too busy birthday pressie shopping!

    Looking forward to starting Xmas shopping though... I can't wait for Xmas this year!


  2. Ooh that looks ace, i'm sure she'll love that!! I haven't started yet, going to next week though i think, want to be organised this year. Hope your cold clears up soon xx

  3. Cute present! I haven't even thought about Christmas yet, having said that I know what I'd like, need to start thinking a bit less selfishly!

  4. I can usually get all the presents for my cousins from Boots as they're mostly girls (I only have one boy cousin) so I've decided to go with my mum to the Boots special evening thingy and buy them all then.

    I buy my family and the boy presents as I see them so they end up getting a lot. I did buy some already this year so must find them.

  5. Hi sweetie, totally agree me and colds no go zone, yuck, hate them, but now you recognised that, thats good you can move on.Great pink gift by the way!Get better soon ! Sending a big hug your way! Sharon xxoo

  6. I've actually done about 1/3 of my shopping this year!

  7. 10 weeks!!??? OMG when you say it like that I'd better get shopping!
    I always have good intentions of being organised but usually wait and wait and do it all last minute. Not good. x


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