Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Lush Reviews- Part 2

So here are my reviews of the other 3 products i got in the Freshers Pack. I have to say i'm so glad i got one of these as I've tried products i wouldn't usually bother with.

Ultimate Shine Shampoo Bar

Lush do a wide range of shampoo bars which can last up to 80 washes. The one i got is Ultimate Shine which contains Ylang Ylang,elemi, violet leaf and gold sparkles. As you can guess from the name its meant to make your hair super shiny and also to make you feel calm. It retails at £4.53.

I've never used a solid shampoo before so was really interested in how this would work, basically i got the bar wet and then lathered it up between my hands and used the lather to wash my hair. It was much easier then i thought it would be and my hair really was squeaky clean! I dried my hair and styled it and it really was super shiny and felt really soft. My mum kept sniffing my hair saying how nice it smelt although i couldn't smell it myself. Overall I'm really impressed and will be buying this again.

Sugar scrub

This is the first time I've seen a sugar scrub in Lush, they do a couple of different ones which are £2.50 each. In my pack i got the green one which contains ginger and fennel. These are used in the bath or shower to exfoliate you all over.
I used this in the bath just before i got out, it was easy to use, i used it all over and ended up using about a third of the bar. I liked that it didn't have an overpowering smell to it, however for me the scrub was too rough, i prefer my scrubs to be gentle. Afterwards my skin did feel gorgeously soft and smooth so it does its job! I doubt I'd buy this again as it was just too hard and rough for me.
Vanishing creamIn my pack I got a trial sized tin of Vanishing face cream. Its aimed at people with oily skin so is very low in oils.Instead it contains linseed gel, lavender and geranium which is meant to balance out your skin. It retails at £14.95 for a tub.I've only ever tested the face creams on my hand instore so its good to get the chance to try one out. I've based this review on a few days use, i used it each morning after cleansing in my normal way. Its quite a light cream which is easy to apply and it sinks in pretty fast. It was a pretty good base for my make up and i did get less shine then normal and i had lovely soft skin all day. The only thing with this product is that is does smell really strongly of lavender which is not my favourite smell but that's a personal thing rather then a problem with the product. I might try some other face creams from Lush to see if i can find one i prefer the smell of.


  1. Hi hun, they look simply fab must try! Please come to my Halloween Ball, over @ My Passport to Style.Sharon xxxoo

  2. My have to try that bar shampoo... love the idea of that.

    And the other two! any excuse to shop!!!


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