Wednesday, 7 October 2009

New shoes and smellies

It was my last day off work today so i popped to Leeds and had a mooch around.
I've posed a face picture to show my new shiny shiny Chanel Lipgloss that i got at the weekend, its really lovely.
I wore this, excuse the picture taken in Primarks changing room!
Black skirt-H&M, Nude vest tucked in- Topshop, Black longline cardigan-Topshop, Black opaques
Silver bracelet-Topshop
Nude and black quilted pumps- Primark, i need to replace these.

To be honest i wasn't that impressed with the shops today. I did manage to get 2 pairs of shoes in the Marks and Spencer sale
These are a hot pinky/purple colour, i love the bow(of course) and they look nice with tights.
I love these, i've been wanting snakeskin shoes for ages and the heel on these is a decent height for work.
I went to Lush and picked up one of the Fresher packs. I made up my own and got Cupcake Facemask, Sugar scrub, Ultimate Shine shampoo bar, Vanishing Cream, 2 Toner Tabs, Angel Delight Soap and Chox Away Soap.
I also got myself some Vanilla solid perfume which smells gorgeous.

I also got a Terry's Chocolate Orange with popping candy in, my god its so good.
Hope everyones having a good week x


  1. Oh wow!! popping candy chocolate orange? ill have to try that!! and those purple heels, my.. god they are beautiful!! x

  2. I tried the bottled version on Vanilla when I was in Lush a couple of weekends ago - it's so nice! The shoes are fab too - of course the purple ones are my faves! But I can see the snakeskin ones being so useful.

  3. Nice shoe action lady! Loving the sound of that chocolate too... definitely going to get involved with some of that!x

  4. *gasps* Your face! You never post face pics LOL You're one gorgeous lady, now stop hiding!!

    Fab buys - enjoy xx

  5. You look lovely hun :).

    Nice buys, pretty shoes!! I haven't been to Lush in ages, a visit is needed soon i think xx

  6. Helloooo there hottie, the lipgloss is fab. Those purple/pinkly heels are divine!! Tell us what the lush stuff is like, I was pretty tempted to get the freshers packs too. xx

  7. I don't know what I'd do without Topshop and it seems I'm not alone ! Great post

  8. WOW! Im going to have to try the popping candy chocolate! x

  9. you look so pretty.

    love the heels xx

  10. Your lips are indeed shiny! The gloss follows through on it's promise of glossiness!

  11. YUM! not seen that popping candy choc orange... gotta get me some of that!

    Nice shoes, loves them.

    So want to get to lush for that pack... don't have one where I live so will have to wait for a shopping trip out of town. x

  12. Hey sweetie, thanks for the lovely comment you left on my blog :)

    OOOOOOH I really HAVE to try that new chocolate orange! I'm a bit of a chocolate orange addict...

    Love the face shot, you look so pretty. And have such gorgeous blue eyes! I'm so jealous - mine and boring brown!

    ♥ Hannah



  13. I NEED that chocolate orange in my belly asap.

  14. I always enjoy your latest buys so much!


  15. OMG I want one of those chocolate oranges! :)



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