Sunday, 18 October 2009

Hellooo! and Lush review

Hiya everyone x Sorry i've been so quiet this week, lifes been getting in the way of blogging, plus i've been poorly and i was out last night. I hope everyones ok, i have a mini haul to post but will do that a little bit later. My plan for this evening is to catch up on everyones blogs, i think its going to take a while!!

A few people asked me about the products i got in my Lush Freshers Pack so i have done some reviews. Heres part of it and i'll post the other part later in the week. Hope its not too boring x

These tabs contain oils which give your skin a deep clean. There are 4 types of tabs available and they retail at aroundd £5 for 7. I used the Tea Tree Toner Tab which contains Aloe vera and tea tree oil, its aimed at people with troubled skin and teenagers.
I filled my sink with very hot water until it was about a third full and then popped the tab in, it fizzed in the water a bit like a bath bomb does. I then put my face over the sink and popped a towel over my head to keep the steam in. I stayed there for around about 5 minutes as instructed.
Afterwards my skin was all glowy and felt fresh but to be honest i'm pretty sure i would have a similar effect if i'd just steamed my skin with hot water. I think the tabs are a nice extra if you are pampering yourself but i probably won't be including them in my regular skincare regime.

Cupcake was first launched for teenage skin but its also good for combination and oily skin. This smells good enough to eat, like a chocolate pudding. It contains Rhassoul mud, cocoa, linseed, peppermint and spearmint. You need to keep it in the fridge and use it quickly although you can also seperate it into individual portions and freeze them if you don't think you'll use it fast enough. This usually retails at £4.95 for a tub in store which is weird because online it costs more.
I popped this on after i used my toner tabs while my pores were open. The mask is lovely and thick and its easy to get an even layer all over your face. On the pot it says to leave the mask on for about 5-10 mins but I ended up leaving it on for about 20 minutes, it dries but doesn't set like some masks so you can still move your face. It says to wash off with warm water but i used a face cloth too as warm water alone isn't that effective at removing it.
After using my skin felt gorgeous, all smooth andsoft which lasted until the next day. I have used this mask before and i know i'll be buying it again as i notice a real difference in my skin after a few uses.

The other bits i'll be reviewing are the Shampoo bar, the sugar scrub and vanishing face cream so stay tuned x


  1. The cupcake is fab isn't it - after one use it cleared my spots up

  2. Sorry you have not been well, I was poorly too! Lush is fabby, see you soon. Sharon, hugs xxxs

  3. I hope everything sorts itself out for you soon! xx

  4. I'm so gutted I'm allergic to Lush products.


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