Monday, 5 October 2009


I adore bows, they are so pretty and feminine and remind me of presents! So as far as i'm concerned its great to see that there are still an abundance of them out there at the moment.
Just from browsing on ASOS i found this little lot.
I do have quite a big collection of clothes and accessories with bows on now, more then i realised actually! I'm going to have to calm down!!

What do you think of bows? Is thee anything that you keep on buying? x


  1. hey sweetie, thanks for the lovely comment you left on my blog :)

    at the moment i'm having a vintage binge, and just can't stop myself buying anything vintage! plus lots of leather, faux fur, studs, and shoulder pads... i'm quickly running out of money for food and petrol lol!

    ♥ Hannah



  2. oOoh I love bows too! ^__^

    Bows/Glitter = Love <3


  3. I loveee the skirt in the last pic! its beautiful xx

  4. I love bows too

    I love all those item with bows on xx

  5. I heart bows too - especially on hairbands and shoes, they are so girly and cute and pep up a plain outfit instantaneously! I love your DP leopard shoes - am annoyed at myself for not getting those.

  6. Another fan of Bows too, so feminine and pretty x

  7. i really like the first one you are wearing, and the pink nails as well! the next item i am going to post about has a bow on, will upload it soon!x

  8. I'm a bow addict as well! It's nice that the high street are exploiting this : D x

  9. Hehe you are definitely the bow queen! Love the black dress with the bows on the neckline. I don't think I am particularly biased towards any item in particular. Hmmmmm. x

  10. I love bows too! 2 of my favourite headbands have tiny bows on. I love Blair Waldorf's style because she loves bows too!


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