Sunday, 2 August 2009

Collection 2000 review

My lovely Mummy got me a couple of treats while I've been poorly. She knows i love purple and i love sparkle so she got me Collection 2000's Glam Crystals gel eyeliner in Shake It Up. On the ranges website it's advertised by saying 'We love it because it’s easy to use and makes our eyes look fantastic'. It also shows all 12 colours available.
I have some other glitter liners by Too Faced, Urban Decay and Mac so its nice to be able to compare higher end brands with a value range as this only cost around £3.

So here's the product, it comes in a 6ml tube which will last ages. The packaging is basic and practical, its nice be able to see the colour of the product it annoys me when you can't see what you're buying.
This is the product on my hand, this is a couple of layers built up and its a true colour but you can't see the sparkle which is iridescent so you get reflects of all sorts of colours. The brush is inbuilt into the lid, its easy to work with as its very fine and you can use it to get a thin line or create a wider area of colour. It dries pretty quickly too so if you want to build up layers then you can to get a more intense look.
Here is a picture of the liner on my eyes. I made up one eye to show you, i used MAC Shale eyeshadow as a base then used the liner on top and i painted it on quite thickly. You can see the sparkle more in this picture.
I will 100% definitely be buying this again in the other colours, at around 1/4 of the price of other similar liners the job it does it just as good. I think it would be amazing if you covered your whole lid with this for a pure glitter eye. Well done Collection 2000.

On the same subject, my mum also got me this nail polish from Collection 2000, the colour is BMX Bandit, its a gorgeous colour on and dries so quickly!

I'd just like to say I'm not promoting Collection 2000 products, I'm just really pleased with these items and its made me curious to try more!
Are there any other bargain products out there?


  1. I have the bmx bandit nail polish and I love it too, got so many compliments on it when I wore it last week :) xx

  2. Oh nice I got BMX Bandit and Dynasty the other day lovely - hope your feeling better xxx

  3. Wow that liner looks wicked! I love purple too so may have to check this out when I'm next in town ;) Is the glitter quite chunky though? x

  4. Its farly chunky Lisa but not overly so, its hard to describe! I would only use it on a night out really as maybe too chunky for day. x

  5. I love the collection 2000 glitter eye liners- definately one of the better cheap options for glitter eyeliner. I have the gold one and use it alot, its just an easy way to jazz up night time makeup.

  6. I don't ever buy Collection 2000 but that nail varnish is fab!

  7. I am feeling the Glam Crystal love!x


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