Sunday, 16 August 2009


Sooo i got paid this week and paid a trip to Meadowhall over the weekend and managed to pick up a few bits.
Firstly i went to Superdrug to look at Barry M but got distracted by the MEMEME stand, i've never really looked at the range before but these Jewel Pots caught my eye. The pot is made up of 2 parts like the Bobbi Brown concealer kit, the first part is a cream shadow then the second it glitter that you put on top. They are very very pretty, and i got the green and lilac. My swatch pictures are rubbish, if you like glittery eye then check them about, they're around £5 each.
H&M was my best shop of the day, i tried so much on and loved it all, but i had to limit myself.
I got this plain black jersey skirt for a bargainous £5.99 this is exactly what i've been wanting but i want a navy version, i hunted in the shop but they only had black or grey.

I also got this black sequinned skirt, its so so gorgeous and amazing, it was in the window with a black tee and grey waist belt and looked fab so i'm hoping to recreate the look.Black tunic with stripes of black sequins, this is dress length on me, am going to wear it to an engagement party in a couple of weeks time. Then we moved on to Primark, the Meadowhall Primark is so huge that it overwhelms me a bit and i never know where to start, i gave the clothes a miss and looked at the accessories.
I got this grey obi style belt hopefully to wear with the sequinned skirt above. Then i saw these babies..... they are soo similar to the ones i wanted in Topshop but these were £17 instead of £70 so i knew i had to hae them. I couldn't decide between the pink and the black, so i got both. I went into Wallis so my mum could have a look and they stock Mikey jewellery in there, being the magpie i am, i was drawn to this huge ring which is the sparkliest ring i have ever seen. They had the clear version which is what i got but i also really want the pink version, i couldn't justify both as they were £25 and i don't wear rings that often.
I also got a book and some over the knee opaques.


  1. Those shoes are gorgeous! Think I might have to go into Primark more often. Glad your back :D

    Oh and I tagged you for an obsessions thing :D x

  2. love those shoes! cant believe they were so cheap :) xx

  3. Lovely stuff, so glad you're feeling better now, i particularly want the belt!! haha xx

  4. Great haul! Nothing like a bit of retail therapy to make you feel better ;) I love the sequin tunic/dress and the shooooes :D

  5. Oh the sequin skirt and pink shoes. Cannot believe the shoes are primark you can't tell one bit :) Great haul, I have shopping envy!

  6. Hello's them pink shoes are insane (in a good way!) as foe those sequins good god! By the by I'm now hooked on that Barry M stuff missy, lol (:

    PeAce & sequins...
    prettyneons X

  7. I cannot wait to get those shoes, I saw them on someone on FB, they are amazing. SOmeone bought me that book for my birthday yesterday :) You got a great haul! xxx


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